Protect Your Horses & Ponies From Horse Flies with The Best Fly Spray For Horses – A Detailed Buying Guide

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When working with horses, you need the best fly spray for horses since you frequently face difficulties controlling the irritatingly persistent flies that continue crawling your animals about the area.

They are irritating, but the flies could also be carriers for human and horse-connected diseases. When flies land on the horse’s legs, horses tend to stomp hardly, which might cause hurt to their legs and feet. Flies carry diseases like shigellosis, E. coli, typhoid fever, and cholera.

Finding the right fly spray for horses could be a bit of a minefield and is a case of trial and error. The wide variety of options accessible can be overwhelming, with active ingredients, application approaches, and efficiency all playing a part in the purchasing decision.

You have your fly repellent strategies, but we’ve put together this guide to aid you in making an informed decision without the stress! Each product is individually recommended by customers and experts.


6 Best Fly Sprays For Horses Reviews – Our Top Picks

These are the finest fly sprays available in the market. Take a look.


Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses

The Farnam Sweat-Resistant Spray works in any wet situation, for example, sweaty or rainy, very much securely. Well, you cannot guarantee the safety of your horses from the biting of flies or other insects throughout sweaty or rainy conditions. But if you apply this spray, it would surely protect your horse from the biting of diverse nuisance gnats, stable flies, and deer ticks.

Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses


Farnam Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray could protect your horses for 14 days in a row. This spray deters and kills deer ticks that might transmit Lyme disease. It is the single spray with a Repelock conditioner that binds to the hair shaft.

The spray features a spill-proof spout, and the handle is on the side of the bottle rather than the top. This 50 ounces’ bottle is pretty light as well as easy to use. This 360-degree non-aerosol continuous spray offers constancy to the user.

This sweat-resistant fly spray stays on no matter sweat, humidity, heat, or rain. It is a perfect alternative for active horses, mainly horses that regularly work.

Endure Spray can last up to 14 days, permitting one bottle to last longer than other fly repellents. The single fly spray with RepeLock conditioner works to fix the hair shaft. It is designed to last even in difficult situations.

Not only does it save horses against biting annoying flying insects, but furthermore gnats, mosquitoes, and lice. It also kills and repels deer ticks, which might carry Lyme disease.


  • One application could last up to 14 days
  • Holds up in heat, rain, sweat, and humidity
  • Protects against gnats, mosquitoes, flies, lice, and ticks
  • It is easy to use
  • No strong smell
  • It is Sweat-resistant


  • A bit pricier spray

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Absorbine UltraShield EX Insecticide Horse Fly Spray

It is an easy spray to apply on your horses to save them from biting diverse types of flies. This spray from Absorbine could kill and repel more than 70 types of flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats. So it delivers you the sturdiest formula of killing and preventing stable flies. It is a weatherproof spray that could greatly serve you in any condition, no matter the weather situation.

Absorbine UltraShield EX Insecticide Horse Fly Spray


This spray is prepared using ultra bond technology for better performance. It could protect your horses up to 17 days in a row owing to this ultra-bond technology. You do not need to do much before using this spray on your horses since it is a water-based formula continually prepared for use. So just pick up the bottle and spray it on your horse. The advanced formulation of this spray comprises protection against bugs as well as manifold sunscreens and coat conditioners. You could use it on dogs and ponies too.

Absorbine promises this spray repels above 70 types of ticks, biting flies, and mosquitoes. We like that this product is good for 17 days since it takes a lot of work to apply fly sprays for horses to your crowd every day continually. The formula is weatherproof, and it comprises aloe, coat conditioning, and sunscreen to protect your horse from the severity of the sun.

What is good about this spray is it could also be used as a border spray for additional protection against irritating flying insects. This product is safe for use on ponies, mules, horses, and even dogs.

To tell you how valued this spray is, they are the authorized fly spray brand of the United States Equestrian Federation. We figured if they trust it, we can certainly use it on my animals.


  • It could be used on multiple animals
  • Kills flies and other insects instantly
  • It Lasts up to two weeks
  • It Is weather-resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • It Contains sunscreen
  • The spray from is effective for 17 days
  • The spray Includes coat conditioner


  • Has a strong smell when first applied

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Pyranha Wipe N’Spray Fly Protection Horse Spray

Pyranha is a repulsive formula. It would deter gnats, horse flies, mosquitos, deer flies, face flies, and more. It would also contain natural ingredients similar to its pyrethrum base and its citronella scent. The spray has furthermore been formulated to condition your horse’s coat, with the adding of lanolin. Thus it not only protects them from flies however can leave him looking good along with feeling good.

Pyranha Wipe N'Spray Fly Protection Horse Spray


Available in a spray bottle or a big gallon jug, the spray could also be applied through a soft cloth or a rub. Not all horses would appreciate the citronella spray. It is a bit denser and oilier than some other sprays on the marketplace.

With its active constituent, pyrethrum, the Pyranha Wipe N’Spray Fly Protection Spray is mostly developed to eliminate all kinds of flies, deer flies, gnats, mosquitoes, house flies, face flies, and ticks from your horse. It is prepared to use, simple to apply, and comes in a big one-gallon jug for longstanding usage and cost-efficient spending.

Because of its innovative water-based formula, you merely need to purchase a bottle and spritz it on your horse’s coat without adding water. This spray is strong enough to eliminate the pests; thus, only an ounce or two is required for one horse. It kills on contact and has a long-term impact, repelling flies that might desire to hang around as well as pester your space or horse.

The presence of the component lanolin, which keeps your horse’s coat protected and conditioned, is an additional exclusive characteristic. Unlike other killing and repellants fly sprays on the marketplace, this spray contains a pleasing citronella scent to keep your horse smelling fresh, keeping flies at bay.


  • Finished with the pleasant citronella scent
  • Accessible in a bottle or a big jug
  • Lanolin conditions the coat
  • Conditions and protects the horse’s coat
  • Easy application on the horse
  • It is Long-lasting and effective
  • Cost-efficient for long use


  • Bit smelly
  • Rather a bit oily

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Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray

This fly-repellent horse spray from Espree has a gentle blend of constituents. It contains botanical oil to deter flies on horses. This spray comprises coat conditioners and sunscreen that promote a strong coat and confirms sun protection. If you seek a natural product to protect your horses from the biting of diverse kinds of flies, this aloe herbal spray from Espree could be a good choice for you.

Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray


As horse owners, you do not need to be concerned about exposing yourself or your horses to harsh chemicals. This all-natural spray comprises only natural, organic oils.

This horse spray is always ready for usage. You do not need to mix it on your own and waste your time. It could work for hours quite effortlessly and ensure that any flies or flying insect pests might damage your horses.

If you prefer to use merely natural products on your horse, this Espree Aloe Herbal spray could be your favorite spray and is one you may want to consider buying. It contains constituents that help condition the horse’s coat, and it truly works at deterring flies and other flying bug pests.

If your horse legs are getting bitten to the point of drawing blood, you need this spray. After applying, horses can stand still and enjoy their hay without continually kicking and stomping


  • All-natural ingredients
  • It is always ready to use
  • Offers a pleasant smell
  • It is natural ingredients
  • Protects from the sun
  • Repels flying insects too


  • It does not kill flies or other bugs, only repels

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Ecovet Fly Repellent Horse Spray

The Ecovet Fly Repellent Horse Spray is made from fatty acids. As a repellent, it does not kill the flies straight. It has a smell that is unattractive to the flies, so they will not come back. The spray is not prepared from chemicals or else other poisons. Though it does have a truly strong spray, it could safely be used around humans and other animals.

Ecovet Fly Repellent Horse Spray


The spray needs to be applied to a not sweaty horse since the sweat could prevent the spray from sticking.

A truly new alternative to customary fly products containing pyrethrins, otherwise essential oils. Ecovet Spray is a proprietary mix of natural food-grade fatty acids as well as silicone oil. Ecovet generates a ‘zone of repellency’ that stops pests (flies, gnats, ticks, lice mosquitoes, and more) from landing on your equine friend.

Horses’ coats converted smooth and glossy while we used the spray. Still, astonishingly it did not leave an oily residue.

The sprayer is of high quality. It puts out a faultless mist, and very slight of the product is wasted. It does not clog, and you will be capable of using all of the sprays without waste.


  • Spray repellent
  • Does not use toxins
  • It is easy to apply
  • Only needs to apply twice a week
  • Great fly control spray


  • Has a strong smell
  • It cannot be applied to a sweaty horse

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Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray

For horse with skin types, this fly spray is appropriate. Insect that bite and bother horses, such as flies and gnats, can be kept at bay using this product.

Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray


Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray is an all-natural option for keeping flies away from the horse or pony. With the inclusion of sunscreen, Espree Fly Spray preserves the coat from whitening.

Citronella, cedar wood, and eucalyptus oils are used in this medicinal spray for horses developed on aloe. Use it to keep insects out of stables and barns as well. It’s a safe, natural approach to keeping your horse’s skin free of pest bites throughout lengthy rides or months at pasture.

Using a blend of aloe and plant oils, you can keep mosquitoes away without irritating your skin. Besides repelling pests, the aloe, lemongrass, cedarwood, and peppermint oils help to maintain a healthy, lustrous pet’s coat. It also provides sunblock to protect your horse from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

Human-grade components are used to make the mixture safe. There are no artificial colors in this product, which is great for the environment.

It’s worth considering this Espree aloe herbal spray if you exclusively use natural remedies on your horse.

You don’t have to mix the spray because it’s ready to go. It includes substances that aid in the condition of the horse’s coat, and it really repels flying insects.

You have to have this spray if the horses’ legs are being bitten so severely that they are drawing blood. As soon as You start using the product, the horses were no longer continually jumping up and down while munching on their food. It’s an incredible sight!


  • It’s simple to put into practice
  • is nice to the nose
  • Useful for keeping away swarms of flies
  • Totally natural


  • Repel rather than kill flies and other insects

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Things To Consider Before You Purchase Fly Spray For Horses

Not all sprays are created equal. Watchful research helps select a spray. Consider a few various things before making a buying.



One of the most significant considerations when buying a fly spray is the constituents. Some sprays contain elements that are not completely beneficial for your horse. Though they have been supposed safe for use, they can reason skin irritations, particularly if your horse has sensitivities. Carefully reading the list of constituents and knowing what each one does is significant. The following are some common elements in effective fly sprays for horses.

i. Pyrethrins:

Pyrethrins come from the chrysanthemum flower as well as are all-natural. It is one of the elements for deterring horn flies with vapor odors. This spray aids in creating a strong vapor barricade that keeps flies and other biting bugs from landing on your horse.

ii. Permethrin:

This element offers a coating on the horse’s coat, and it works in two methods. It helps to repel insects, but it furthermore kills them on contact. It is one of the sturdier elements, and it will not break down in exposed sunlight, making it perfect for all-day protection.

iii. Piperonyl Butoxide:

This component works as a pesticide and is meant to kill irritating flies and insects of all kinds. It also prevents house flies from metabolizing permethrins and Pyrethrins thus;, they are more effective in preventing these insects.

iv. Citronella Oil:

This natural component helps to repel flies as well as other biting insects, including mosquitoes. Its aroma is pleasing to the human nose; however, insects seem to hate it. Citronella Oil is used in many topical and candle bug repellents for humans; thus, it is a safe ingredient.


Natural vs. Chemical

Maximum fly killers use chemicals to kill off flies. Manufacturers would select chemicals poisonous to flies but safe for use on your horse and about humans and other animals. If the chemicals have not been verified and are not measured safe, you must not use them.

Natural substitutes do exist. These use natural deterrents and typically include elements like citronella.

Citronella has a citrus aroma and is used to improve the odor of some sprays. It is furthermore used to deter animals and flies since it has a robust scent. Some natural fly repellents use fatty acids, and this component confuses the flies. It puzzles the flies and leaves them uncertain exactly wherever the horse is.



If you are treating more than a few horses or frequently applying, you may prefer an aerosol spray as you hold down and let it spray. Traditional spray bottles need constant spraying and, most of the time, do not get applied evenly.



You need to make certain the horse fly spray does not contain any elements to damage your horse. Your horse’s safety and health are your uppermost priority. If you do not identify the names of any elements, make sure to study them and confirm they are truly safe and do not have any unwanted side effects that might cause damage to your horse.


Formula Base

Fly sprays are obtainable in water-based or oil-based formulas. For horses with sensitive skin, oil-based formulas could be irritating. The oil-based formulas are great for coat adhesion and quickly kill bugs while they land on the product. Though, the oil-based products are a magnet to dirt and dust! If a spray bottle does not directly state which base the horse fly sprays use, the ingredient lists will show “petroleum distillate,” signifying it is oil-based.

Since some horses might have skin reactions to oil-based formulas, veterinarians and builders recommend that horse owners apply new sprays to a “trial” region. It will permit you to monitor any likely adverse reaction beforehand, coating the whole horse. Though the inactive elements are frequently overlooked, reviewing the complete ingredient list before the application is significant.



Studying the diverse options and reading horse’s fly spray reviews would help confirm you can make a wise choice. Though reviews must not replace your study, they can complement the info you glean from your studying. If there are lots of bad or negative customer reviews, you might want to select another product. Customers are fairly quick to inform others if they are not pleased with a product.



If your horses are fairly active and sweat a lot, you might want to consider buying horses sweat-proof fly spray. Several sprays for are more likely to be ineffective if your horse sweats a lot. The sweat could water down the spray or wash it away entirely, depending on the level of sweat. Selecting a sweat-proof spray will permit it to stay in place without becoming weakened while your horse is sweating plentifully.


Pleasant Smell

And, of course, the smell!

No one wants their horse smelling harsh chemicals, thus looking for products that leave a pleasing smell even hours afterward.


Frequency of Application

Before buying any horse spray, you require to check how frequently it needs to be applied. We commend buying a spray that is going to last at least one to two weeks. It is particularly significant to manage a big herd since the application can be boring and time-consuming.


Company Reputation

While a novice to the market might make a good horse fly spray, the brands that have been in the business of making fly sprays for many years have built up a reputation and a following; thus, their products must be doing somewhat right.



Whether you have a few horses or several, the cost of sprays could add up fast; this is particularly important while you consider all the other products required and additional expenditures.

You cannot simply compare two products of a similar size to see which is better value for money as some need regular application; however, others would last a lot longer.

It means that the bottle would last much longer as well as save you money.



Implementing fly control for horses is an essential part of ownership. While these pests are annoying, it is not impossible to deal with them. The finest means to manage this issue is a multi-pronged method that involves treating the horse’s atmosphere and the horse itself. Select the finest horse fly spray, and you would have a much gladder horse!

We hope this guide has delivered you with the info you need for confirming your horses are correctly protected against biting flies that irritate horses and put their health at risk. This review of the fly sprays for horses must allow you to be equipped with the info you need for making the ideal buy for your horse. You can also write to us for more information and suggestions (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).

When these sprays are used as stated by directions and with protection in mind, they can repel and even kill all the flying and crawling bugs that effort to attack your horse, particularly those that bite.



Are fly populations increasing?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Our models predicted considerable increases in fly populations up to 244% by 2080 compared with present levels, with the greatest upsurges occurring in the summer months.

Are fly sheets worth it?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Good fly sheets can cut down on sweet itch, hives, fly welts, and hoof cracks, keep your horse calmer, and even decrease summer shiny coat bleaching.

Are fly sprays for horses safe around my pets and children?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Bug sprays that comprise DEET are particularly harmful to animals. … When a pet consumes toxic fly sprays with DEET, their vision, respiratory system, and balance could all be impacted. Suppose they are exposed to higher quantities of these toxins. In that case, they might even be at risk for seizures, tremors, and ataxia.

Does fly spray work on horses?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Fly spray is used to keep flies from landing on your horse, particularly during the warm summer months, wherever flies appear to run rampant. Fly spray is particularly significant for days when you are riding your horse as flies could become a disruption and nuisance to both horse and rider

How do I eliminate bot flies?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Bot-flies could be removed by pouring Epsom salt into a hot bath for soaking. Taking a hot bath is one technique of eliminating bot flies. Bot fly larvae are frequently spread through mosquito bites.

How do you make homemade fly spray?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: To make a homemade fly spray for horses, pour 1 cup of warm water in a sprinkler, then add 5 teaspoons of peppermint oil. Spray fly mixture straight on the fruit flies to repel them. Alternatively, you could use other essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender essential oil, and basil. Fill a whole glass jar with apple cider vinegar and place a paper funnel in the jar. The scent will attract flies, and the paper funnel would prevent them from flying out.

How Long Does Fly Spray Last On a Horse?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Most horse fly sprays promote that they would last for up to 14 days, they must have verified horses in air-conditioned rooms with zero weather circumstances to consider, since, in reality, the spray will protect horses nearer to 2 or 3 days, so consistent applications are vital

Is there a fly season?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Flies prefer warm temperatures as well as are most active from late spring to early autumn.

Is using a fly spray on horses dangerous?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Fly spray is envisioned to “protect” your horse from flies; however, it poses health risks? Depending on the elements, it could be unsafe for you and your horse with possible longstanding adversarial side effects. Unsafe elements have the potential to enter the flow-through skin absorption or inhalation.

What is the ideal method to keep flies off of horses?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: A great means to keep flies out of your stable is frequently cleaning out stalls. Flies tend to assemble and breed around poop; thus, if you remove it from the equation, you will automatically help remove flies.

What is the ideal type of fly spray for horses?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Farnam Endure works against biting and nuisance gnats, deer ticks, pesky flies, bugs, and lice. This fly spray works great to keep troublesome midges at bay. It is a great fly spray for show horses as it would not come off from sweat. It is the Authorized Fly Control Product of USEF and AQHA. Another great spray is the Manna Pro Pro-Force Fly Spray.

What scent do horse flies hate?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Flies have a stronger sense of smell, and they use to find available food sources. You can take benefit of this trait by using odors they dislike, for example, peppermint, basil, pine, rue, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, as well as bay leaves.

What spray keeps horse flies away?

Category: Fly Spray for Horses
Ans: Picaridin has been said to ward off horseflies efficiently. You could try Deet as well, which could help deter mosquitoes too. You can check the horse journal for better info.

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