Get Rid of Bed Bugs: The Best Bed Bug Spray to End Bed Bug Infestation

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This article on the best bed bug spray affects everyone because having bed bugs bite you when you sleep and make your bed their home is the last thing anybody wants. They are the main issue for many people worldwide; however, they are not impossible to beat. Bed bug sprays are the easiest solution to aid you with these irritating little pests. Designed with precise chemical formulas, the sprays pierce deep into the targeted area and kill bed bugs quickly and comprehensively. Some advanced formulas would also abolish the eggs – preventing a infestation before it comes haunting everyone.

Chemical formulas and pesticides may sound terrifying at first— but there is no cause to worry. There are options on the marketplace that are non-staining, non-toxic, and safe for pets and progenies alike. What is more, several sprays are 100% natural in addition to eco-friendly— and still effective.


Review of 8 Best Bed Bug Sprays That Kill Bed Bugs Effectively

In this article, we reviewed the top-rated and effective bed bug sprays available in the market. You can choose between any of them depending on your specific needs.


EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray

EcoRaider’s Bed Bug Killer is a pest control spray that works effectively on these little blood-sucking pests. It has even been field verified and accepted by the Entomological Society of America’s Bulletin. During testing, the product was found to exterminate bed bugs of several life stages (counting eggs) with an inspiring 100 percent level of success.

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray- Best Bed Bug Spray


The EcoRaider bed bug killer is moreover non-toxic spray and safe to use around kids and pets. Also, it is designed with comprehensive dry residual protection; thus, they kill pests for numerous weeks after the spray has dried.

It has also been verified that EcoRaider is one of the most effective products when killing bed bug eggs. These appear to be serious privileges about such a product; thus, let’s see what other features make Eco Raider accurately stand out.

Unlike other sprays on the marketplace, EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer has featured numerous independent studies. It was revealed a 100% efficiency in killing and removing bed bugs and banish bed bugs eggs.

Moreover, the EcoRaider bed bug killer was field-tested over the USDA IR4 PHP Program, where it showed 100% abolition of infestation in buildings, households, and sensitive atmospheres.

Eco Raider takes seconds upon application to assassinate bed bugs and bed bug eggs, and other pests. It is one of the fastest effective products on the market. In some circumstances, there was not even a requirement for an added application.

Even after the product has dried, Eco Raider offers high-level protection against bed bugs up to two weeks after the first application. This makes it effective and good for your wallet while you won’t be spending extra money on more sprays.

Suppose you are somebody who worries about these sprays being poisonous, allergy-inducing, and usually dangerous, fine. In that case, that is not the case with Eco Raider.

This one of the finest bed bug sprays is a USDA licensed & Bio-Based pesticide that is dermatologically safe. It is also safe for kids and pets and could even be used straight on mattresses and box springs.


  • It is a non-toxic spray
  • They kill bed bugs with accuracy
  • Field-tested in addition to being approved by entomologists
  • Kill bed bugs in all phases of life
  • Works on even the most resilient strains of bed bugs
  • The spray is safe to use around kids and pets


  • Residuals last for up to weeks
  • It might not be as potent as other brand name insecticides

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Bedlam Plus Aerosol Spray

Bedlam Plus aerosol spray exterminate pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs as an on-spot treatment within 15 minutes of disclosure. The insect control spray comes in a very suitable and safe to use canister.

Bedlam Plus Aerosol Spray


The Bedlam aerosol spray has been designed for particularly killing bed bugs through targeting the central nervous system of both adult bed bugs and eggs. The aerosol spray needs no preparation procedure and is comparatively simple. The easy-to-use spray just requires to be shaken well beforehand being applied.

As well as being an effective pesticide, the spray for a mainly bad invasion, sometimes only a powerful chemical cocktail would do to get your home bug-free. This product from Bedlam is one of the most extremely rated sprays on the marketplace. And these are the products that several bed bug control professionals keep in their arsenal.

So it must come as no astonishment that many happy clienteles report that this aerosol spray worked while other treatments failed. The company’s formula is a mixture of chemicals that interrupt insects’ nervous systems, targeting both living bugs, their eggs. It works for weeks to come as bugs encounter the residue from the preliminary application.

When sprayed, the material foams up, which provides you better bug control and coverage. It could be used on carpeting, mattresses, and hard surfaces throughout the house. Since the chemicals can be dangerous to humans and animals, the company recommends that everybody leaves the house however it’s being treated.

The dry residue would continue to exterminate adult bed bugs for as long as 16 weeks afterward the initial treatment. While many people are concerned about using dominant chemicals in their homes, this spray is an operative way to eliminate bed bugs.

Just make certain to ventilate your home well through effective bed bug treatment. The vapors should dissolve quickly, leaving behind only the confidence that you will be able to sleep in peace.


  • Easy to use and needs no extra preparation
  • Kill bed bugs as spot treatment inside 15 minutes
  • Affordable price
  • They kill pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs.


  • Toxic to pets and humans if absorbed through skin contact
  • Only appropriate for indoor use

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mdxConcepts Gypsum Bed Bug Spray

MDXConcepts has developed a product targeted to offer a non-toxic substitute to bed bug sprays comprising pyrethroids. It has no toxic chemicals that could affect our respiratory system and breathing system and persist in our indoor atmosphere for weeks to come.

mdxConcepts Gypsum Bed Bug Spray


The spray is as natural as it gets: the natural organic formula is prepared of peppermint oil, vinegar, and geranium oil, spearmint oil, elements that smell great however are fatal to bed bugs.

To use the spray, shake the bottle, and continue to spray areas wherever you’ve seen bed bug activity or wherever they’re probable to hide, such as in carpets, around the edges of your mattress, as well as in crevices, or alongside baseboards and electrical outlets.

The spray has a dual benefit: the vinegar is a natural repellant, whereas the oils in the peppermint and spearmint will kill bed bug nymphs, eggs, and adult bed bugs on direct contact. The company even recommends you pour a little spray into a small jug that you could take with you on the go. It is perfect for continuously spraying down movie theatre seats or treating unfamiliar hotel rooms beforehand tucking in for the night. The 16-ounce bottle would last for quite some time, even with a substantial dousing of the affected regions through your house.

Unlike chemical sprays, this spray has a pleasant smell. Users report that they have had success within a day of the initial application. If you believe in the power of essential oils and natural ingredients, this one is for you.


  • Made of non-toxic natural elements
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • kills bed bugs at all phases of life, from eggs to adults
  • It can be sprayed straight on bedding
  • It is made in the USA
  • Suitable for continuous spraying


  • Bugs returning after some time

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PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide

This spray is effective not merely against bed bugs; it moreover kills other bugs. As a rule of thumb, the reasons for insect’s indoors invasion are very similar. So, if you have ants or cockroaches, it is more probable that other bugs may appear after some time.

PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide


PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Pesticide help you kill bed bugs and prevent their reappearance by killing their eggs.

Among the benefits, it is worth stating that the spray is safe for pets and humans. Also, despite the small dimension of the bottle (merely 20 ounces), this spray is fairly sufficient for covering more than 2500 square feet. PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized was produced by the German chemical company BASF SE.


  • Safe for children & pets
  • Manufactured by one of the biggest chemical producers in the world
  • It is a High-quality product
  • Kills bed bugs inside for several days
  • Kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
  • German technology


  • No official guarantee

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Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea & Tick Killer

Many people intensely advise for Ortho Home Defence Bed Bug Killer, and they call it the “most operative commercial bed bug spray.” When you try it, the outcome will exceed all of your expectations!

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea & Tick Killer


Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Spray exterminates bed bugs on contact. As a general rule, the top products you can purchase on a shelf to treat bed bugs are not very effective. That is because most contain pyrethrins, a botanical pesticide, or pyrethroids, a synthetic chemical pesticide that works similarly.

It is a concentrated spray. Because of this, it could kill even pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs. However, at the same time, the other sprays could also be unsafe for sensitive people.

This spray exterminates bed bugs, their eggs, fleas, and ticks inside a couple of days. You can even use this therapy as a spot treatment around bed frames as well as mattress encasements.

Bed bugs quickly evolve resistance to chemicals. Their populations are showing variable resistance to pyrethroids and pyrethrin. With that being said, a pyrethroid-based bed bug treatment could still be an effective spray to some steps as long as it isn’t used alone and you do not expect it to fix the bug problem. The bottom line is bed bugs are not universally resistant to pyrethroids. That is where Ortho Home Defense Max may help.


  • Highly concentrated for killing even the hardest bed bugs
  • It has a Reasonable price
  • Numerous options for buying
  • Has a mild in addition to a non-irritating smell.
  • It is Great for use on attires and upholstered furniture finishes


  • It can be risky for sensitive people

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Bed Bug Patrol Natural Bed Bug Killer Spray Treatment

Bed Bug Killer from the Bed Bug Patrol is a 100 percent natural formula that exterminates bed bugs on contact. This spray works very fast as well as has a pleasing clove and peppermint aroma. It is safe for both human beings and pets as it does not have any chemical elements.

Bed Bug Patrol Natural Bed Bug Killer Spray Treatment


The product does not furthermore stain your beddings similar to the other products you find in the market. So, you could apply it straight on your mattress, cover, and sheets if you want to kill bed bugs on site.

Bed Bug Patrol comes with a cash-back guarantee for any unhappy customer. This spray product is guaranteed for operative functionality, and you might try the 60 days 100% risk-free period.

This formula works within minutes after applying on bed bug infected regions such as wood surfaces, cracks, bedding, under the bed, and bedroom baseboard.

Some of the natural fixings in this product include the Mentha Piperita, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate extract from coconut, and the Euginia Carophylla natural plant extracts. It does not have those harsh ingredients that exist in other pesticides.

The company is eager to refund 100 percent of your money if their product does not solve the problem of bed bugs. This product is one of the firmest and effective bed bug exterminators on the market.


  • It is stain-free
  • The spray offers a money-back guarantee
  • It is a fast bed bug killer
  • 100 percent natural formulae
  • Human and pet safe
  • It has a great clove and peppermint odor
  • Kill bed bugs on contact
  • Non-toxic spray


  • Some people find the smell weird

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HARRIS Black Label Bed Bug Killer- Liquid Spray

The second product of our list is Harris Black Label Bed Bug Killer. Harris Bed Bug Killer exterminates even the most pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and is registered for use in domestic homes with the EPA.

HARRIS Black Label Bed Bug Killer— Liquid Spray


HARRIS Black Label Bed Bug Killer might not start working as fast as toxic pesticide sprays. However, it lasts for up to three months after spraying and exterminates bed bugs of all forms and sizes. Furthermore, Harris Bed Bug Killer Spray has no stink and contains a stainless formula, say for spraying your bedding with.


  • It kills more bed bugs than other brands
  • Works on bed bug eggs as well as “tough to kill” subspecies
  • Registered with the EPA
  • It works for a period of up to 16 weeks long
  • Harris Bed Bug Spray is a non-staining formula for use on attire and fabrics


  • The spray claims to be unscented but has been reported to have rather of a smell
  • Perhaps weaker than toxic insecticides

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Xout Anti Bed Bug Spray

Exterminator X Out Bed Bugs eliminates bed bugs and their eggs and larvae on the spot. Because this solution doesn’t stain, you may apply it straight to pillows, mattress coverings or furniture without fear of ruining them.

Xout Anti Bed Bug Spray


Since it’s made with only natural, non-toxic components, it’s perfectly safe to use around children and pets. Furthermore, because this insecticide is non-flammable, you don’t have to be concerned about lighting your gas cooker after you apply it.

The fact remains that bed bugs are filthy, contagious, and dangerous. If you don’t want to see these posts about your home, don’t bring them in. You’ll be able to get rid of these pests quickly with the help of this spray.

Use this solution anywhere bed bugs and bed bug infestation can be found, including textiles, beds, rugs, carpets, and other furniture. Plant-based XOut spray is safe for use near kids and animals and eliminates bed bugs on interaction.

Everyone should be able to sleep soundly without fear of being infested by bedbugs. XOut destroys adult bed bugs as well as their eggs and larvae, so you can relax knowing you’re protected. It’s time to reclaim your house and the relaxation you so well deserve.

Remove the covers and linens before using and washing. Saturate all locations where bed bugs & dust lice congregate using a broad-spectrum aerosol spray. This includes the inside of nightstands and dressers as well as the beds, box springs, frames, headboards, and carpets/rugs. When confronted with live bedbugs, switch the spray pattern to a narrow one and squirt straight at them. Before remaking the bed, let the sprayed areas to dry. Continually apply for new licenses as necessary.

XOut destroys bedbugs, egg, and larvae via direct contact with advanced technologies. Useful for a wide range of pests and is made of a natural, multi-purpose pesticide. XOut also has a pleasant herbal smell.

X Out Bed Bugs is unscented, unlike other insecticides. As a bonus, it doesn’t leave any stains on your furniture or flooring, so you may use it everywhere in your home. Because it is made entirely of natural materials, this product is suitable for use by both children and dogs.

It’s a breeze to work with this product. Because it is a pressurized mist, it is effective against bed bugs even in the smallest cracks and crevices. Use it to clean bed frames, headboards, draperies and window coverings as well.


  • Odorless
  • Natural and has no harmful chemicals
  • Safe for pets
  • Very effective


  • Sprayer can malfunction

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What To Look For In The Best Bed Bug Spray

There are numerous crucial considerations to make before purchasing the best bed bug sprays. So, before clicking on the first spray you stumble upon on the internet and add it to your virtual shopping cart, hold up a second, and hear us out; all the bed bug sprays are not the same.

Here are a few of the most significant considerations to keep in mind while shopping for the spray to get free of bed bugs:



Bed bug sprays are typically either water-based or oil-based. The advantage of water-based spray formulas is that they usually will not stain soft surfaces, making them the more common alternative on the market. Besides sprays, there are furthermore bed bug powder treatments made from silica. Bed bug powders help dry out the exoskeleton of bed bugs and are frequently used along baseboards of infected rooms.



Most bed bug sprays could be used on various surfaces. However, if you have a precise application in mind, then look for the most suitable formula and applicator for your purpose.

Bed bug sprays are usually designed to treat the nest site, accompanied by other furniture, draperies, baseboards, and other places where barely visible bugs might be hiding out. The sprays for mattresses are popular among users. It is worth noting that several of these formulas could moreover be used on other fittings as well. But, not all sprays could be used on mattresses because of the potency of numerous pesticides.



If you have pet animals, make certain that you select a spray without odor. The spray is made of various chemicals, and it could disturb your eyes. If your nose is sensitive to the scent, do not select a spray with a sharp aroma.

As these sprays need to extinguish a kind of pest-resistant to numerous other robust chemicals, none of them would smell like a tray of hot cookies. Be on the lookout for unscented sprays that still use fine chemicals to eliminate those pesky visitors while not initiating your place to odor like a lab accident for hours or even days.


Pests killed

Most bed bug sprays are usually designed to exterminate bed bugs at all phases of their life cycle. It will be plenty if your only problem is bed bugs. However, suppose other bugs are also getting into your home. In that case, you might want to select a spray that could combat other multiple pests, such as ticks, fleas, spiders, or cockroaches. The manufacturer would list all bugs that the spray works on; thus, it should not be too hard to find one that suits your requirements.


Contact vs. Residual

The two kinds of bed bug sprays are contact spray and residual spray.

Contact sprays are fast-acting, and they exterminate bed bugs almost instantly. But they degrade fast and do not offer much in the way of longstanding protection. That’s wherever residual sprays come in. These take longer to start working, but they continue effective for numerous weeks. If you have a bed bug outburst, it might be wise to buy contact and a residual spray to help kill the bed bugs and stop new infestations. Or you might look for a spray that is a combination of the two.


Active Ingredients

For years, the active ingredients of bed bug exterminator was pyrethrin- or pyrethroid-based spray. But lately, some bed bugs have revealed resistance to these products. For this cause, it is not suggested that you use a spray that merely has pyrethrin; or, pyrethroid is the active element. Instead, you can select a formula that uses a chemical similar to a neonicotinoid (acetamiprid, imidacloprid, etc.).

Moreover, there are some natural bed bug sprays if you do not feel comfortable using chemical-based sprays around your home and family. These use geranium oil, geraniol, clove oil, neem oil, and other mixtures to kill and repel bed bugs. Though these sprays are usually not as effective as customary bed bug sprays, they are not effective for a serious invasion.


All-Natural, Organic & Non-toxic Bug Sprays

If you have kids or pets in your home, it is sensible to buy an all-natural bedbug spray. Luckily, there are loads of kid-safe and chemical-free sprays in the marketplace. While numerous common bed bug killers contain DEET, you could avoid this chemical completely and still get protection from unwanted bedbugs by using natural and organic repellents.

Many people select to use natural organic sprays around children since they are free from harmful chemicals. The harmful chemical contains substances similar to petroleum and other synthetic substances that might reason skin rashes as well as allergic reactions.

Separately, these natural repellents comprise essential oils that give out a pleasing smell and revitalizing scent. The best repellent essential oils contain cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, neem oil, and eucalyptus oil. All or any of the oils have the capability to both killings along with repelling bed bugs. Also, these essential oils are recognized to be useful to the human body.


Ease of Use and Directions

Before buying, check for label directions and evaluate how easy (or complicated) the product appears to be. If you are already itching your head before you even get the product in your hands, things are perhaps not going to be working out the best. You would be able to clearly see how the product works before buying it, and it shouldn’t appear like something hard to do.


Lasting Time

Does all the sprays exterminate the bugs or will, without hesitation, since some harm to the bug family, yet the query is to what extent it remains? Barely any bed bug sprays are effective at the hour of use, yet the impact declines inside hardly any hours or days. A high-end spray could keep going for a fairly long time.



Some sprays damage the bugs, yet it does not kill all the bugs at the instant of the time. Owing to this, the bugs could hide somewhere very deep and attempt to escape their extermination. After a few weeks, they would start to make their presence felt. The effective bed bug sprays aim at the instantaneous death of the bugs so that you don’t have to deal with them again in a few days.



This consideration is elementary, however, just as significant as any. Depending on the size of your bed bug infestation, the appropriate amount of spray would vary. That said, there are many sizes accessible on the market. Similarly, bulk buying is also an alternative (for those who run businesses, for example, hotels).



Last but not least, if a product has approved all of your other considerations, price is the last thing to consider about. And, as with top products today, the price ranges from a few dollars to much more. Pest control companies, Brands, ingredients, amount of spray, and delivery system are a few of the most serious factors that influence the cost.


Final Words

Bed bugs could be a main nuisance in every household. They are super small, super irritating, and pierce deep into your mattress, bedding, as well as wardrobe to make your life a living hell. However, this is not a cause of despair!

Bed bug spray is a multipurpose and extremely efficient chemical solution that will free you of the bed bug problem once and for all. Fast and simple, safe and trustworthy – bed bug sprays are your greatest weapon against these tiny and stubborn critters.

You can write to us for more information and suggestions (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).


FAQs for Best Bed Bug Spray

Can bed bugs live in bed linens?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Yes! Washing your bed linens or bed sheet and entire mattress carefully in hot water has been verified to be effective in killing bed bugs. Though this might not get rid of your invasion entirely, it will control the bed bug problem.

Can I do pest control myself?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
For a small invasion, DIY pest control is a good option that could be inexpensive. As always, the key to pest control is prevention.

Do bed bugs ever go away?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Luckily, you can get rid of bedbugs. Be patient, as eliminating bedbugs frequently takes some time and effort. You might have to try a few diverse chemical and non-chemical styles, particularly if you have big bed bug infestations. Certain issues can make bedbugs tougher to remove

How do you get bed bugs out of hiding?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: What draws bed bugs out of the hiding place is heat, as it is a pointer that their host is adjacent. They will most probably stay a few meters away from the source and venture out while they feed.

How does diatomaceous earth kill bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Mix 1 part diatomaceous earth with 3 to 4 parts water in a spray bottle. Be certain to shake the spray bottle strongly until the DE is equally distributed through the mixture. Go to wherever you often see lines of ants, openings used by spiders, or holes that roaches like to use.

How long until you are bed bugs-free?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Bed bugs want to eat each 5 to 10 days. Thus any hungry survivors would start appearing in your traps about two weeks afterward your last follow-up treatment. If the traps go about 6 to 8 weeks without any marks of bed bugs, you could perhaps call yourself bed bug free.

How Vacuuming gets rid of bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Vacuuming does not directly kill bed bugs. It’s simply a method to remove them from your home and trap them inside the vacuum bag.

Is Cimexa insecticide dust toxic?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: cimexa insecticide dust is very low in toxicity. Because it is fine dust, there is a chance of minor eye otherwise throat irritation, and it should not be inhaled.

Is Eco Defense bed bug spray good?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: The Eco Defense bed bug spray is a 16 oz spray that comprises bio-based bed bugs and dust mites killing formula effective in spot treatment and immediate killing. Eco Defense bed bug spray is made with natural elements and is non-toxic.

Is there any bed bug spray that works?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: There are no magical sprays that exterminate bed bugs very well. An exception is “Bug bombs,” or bed bug foggers. Foggers are typically effective in pest control bed bugs. Since bed bugs hide in cracks and voids where aerosols do not pierce, they can avoid contact with these pesticides.

What is the main cause of bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Travel is extensively recognized as the most common reason for bed bug invasions. Often unbeknownst to the tourist, bed bugs will hitchhike on clothing, baggage, or other personal items and be unintentionally transported to other areas. Bed bugs could be easily overlooked by humans.

What is the number one killer of bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Killer is the top choice if you’re seeking a versatile way to attack your bed bug invasion. The 1.5 gallons of quick-acting solution would kill bed bugs on contact.

What is the pest control industry?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: The Pest Control industry includes companies that deliver pest control and kill mosquitoes, rodents, termites, and other insects and pests for housing and commercial clients. Operators also deliver fumigation services

What kills bed bugs permanently?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Bed bugs and their eggs die by 122°F (50°C). The higher temperature of steam 212°F (100°C) instantly exterminates bed bugs. Apply steam gradually to the folds and tufts of mattresses, with sofa seams, bed frames, as well as corners or edges wherever bed bugs might be hiding.

What spray do professionals use for bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are the most common combinations used to control bed bugs and other indoor pests. Pyrethrins are botanical pesticides derived from chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethroids are artificial chemical insecticides that act similar to pyrethrins.

What to do if you slept in a bed with bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Spray
Ans: Though it sounds like a grim choice, it is best to continue sleeping in the infected area until the bed bugs are removed. DO NOT instantly throw items away. The immediate reaction to a bed bug invasion is to throw the infected items away for several people.

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