Best Cockroach Killer Spray to Kill Roaches – A Buying Guide for Achieving Roach-Free Home

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The search for the best cockroach killer sprays is something that almost all homeowners go through at one point or another. Whether you live in a giant house or in a studio apartment, the probabilities are that you have or will face a bug invasion of some kind.

We went through all the required research and reading materials on cockroaches and cockroach sprays; thus, you do not have to. As a result, we do trust that we have successfully arrived at the best roach spray products, along with their most noteworthy options. You will have correct pest strategies. How many roaches is an ‘infestation’? If it exceeds 25, it could now be classified as a heavy infestation.

In this article, we reviewed some of the most effective cockroach killer sprays the market has to offer. In addition, we prepared a buyer’s guide so that you can make an informed decision based on that knowledge.


Best Roach Killer Spray Reviewed: Our Top Picks

So, let’s dive into the list of finest roach killers.


The Bengal Gold Roach Spray

The Bengal Gold roach Spray has a pack of two 11 ounce bottles. It offers lots of kill potential against roaches as it kills inside 24 hours of the direct contact and stops their follow-up spreading for up to 6 months afterward spraying. You could read many Bengal roach spray reviews, and they are all unanimous in the spray’s high efficiency.

The Bengal Gold Roach Spray


The Bengal Chemical Roach Spray leaves no stink behind it, which is great while spraying seldom used or poorly ventilated regions such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

The Bengal Roach Spray comprises nylon and is a permethrin-based product. This cockroach spray is outstanding at reaching hard and typically unreachable spots behind baseboards, inside cracks and crevices wherever dreaded cockroaches usually dwell and breed in. 

It would be noted that this is not a room air spray. This product is extremely toxic and should not be sprayed in the air or straight at german cockroaches. In its place, the product is intended for use in regions frequented by cockroaches. Once it has been sprayed and dried off, it will kill any cockroach that passes over it within a short period. The spray could make itself, and all sprayed areas must be kept away from the reach of kids and pets, particularly before it has dried off.

If you have pets, it’s usually advisable to spray only on areas that are unreachable to your pet at all. Accidental spraying over the skin, dishes, clothes, or food must be avoided at all costs. If it occurs, it should be instantly washed and treated.

The efficiency of the Bengal roach spray, as it is for all other parallel products, depends on how you apply it. You could expect subpar results if you spray areas that cockroaches do not frequently pass and skip the regions they go over, dwell in, and breed in. If you sufficiently concentrate the specific areas of your home, kitchen, and bathroom, then the Bengal Chemical Roach Spray would be guaranteed to exterminate any existing german cockroaches and protect you against future invasions for months.


  • It prevents roaches from laying eggs
  • The cockroach sprays stop new roach infestation for half a year
  • It has no sticky residue
  • Apart from roaches, it could easily kill other house pests like Spiders, Silverfish Crickets, and even mosquitoes.
  • It could effectively kill up to 20 times more cockroaches
  • It can destroy nests where roaches live


  • Cannot protect against re-infestation longer than six months

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Ortho 0196410 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray

If you have a big roach infestation and do not want to spend your hard-earned money on a costly pest exterminator, select the Ortho 0196410 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray.

Ortho 0196410 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray


This 24-ounce compacted spray bottle contains a fast-acting formulation of Bifenthrin and Zeta-Cypermethrin, a powerful blend of chemicals that could kill roaches. It is also non-staining as well as odor-free.

As well as being extremely effective at killing roaches, even those persistent German cockroaches, inside your home, Ortho Spray could be sprayed around the border of your property. And the spray can kill 130+ other insects, including beetles, stink bugs, fleas, earwigs, palmetto bugs, house centipedes, scorpions, silverfish, millipedes, and ticks.

To get the best results from the Ortho spray pesticide, use the spray inside also outside your home on non-porous exteriors. Apply it every three months to generate an anti-roach and insect barrier that could protect your property for up to 12 months.

For indoor safety, apply a 4-inch barrier around the window plus door trims, baseboards, and cupboards in your kitchen, also in your bathroom, and garage for three months of protection.

Spray a 12-inch barricade around perimeters and foundations, doors, window trims, and around patio and deck perimeters for outdoor protection. It would give you up to three months of complete pest control.

Ortho Spray removes and repels over 130 insects (most frequently, it is used against roaches, ants, and spiders). The worth for Ortho Home Defense is very reasonable. This mixture not only acts as an instantaneous poison, but it furthermore serves as roach repellents.


  • It is very affordable
  • The spray is highly effective for killing roaches
  • It can kill 130+ insects
  • The spray is safe for kids and pets to walk on once it has dried
  • It has indoor and outdoor use
  • it is non-staining and odor-free
  • It is an effective pest control spray


  • It is not effective if applied in the wet weather
  • Need to reapply after each three months

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Raid Max Ant & Roach Spray

From one of the most valued insecticide firms around, Raid Ant & Roach Killer Spray kills roaches both on contact plus for up to 6 months later. Raid Ant Roach Killer Spray is made of synthetic pyrethrins, which are natural pesticide elements derived from the chrysanthemum plant.

Raid Max Ant & Roach Spray


If the spray is sprayed on a living cockroach, it will die almost instantly. Though the formula is saturated with petrochemical oils, the pyrethrin elements won’t soon vaporize. They continue to be effective for up to 6 months.

Raid Ant Roach spray is not a poisonous bait; thus, a roach must physically contact this ingredient to be effective.

Kill on contact spray is significant to have for visible invasions. Remember that it contains a cocktail of Cypermethrin and Imiprothrin, among others, all of which are rather toxic to humans.

Raid Ant Roach Killer Pesticide Spray is also convenient when you have a clear idea of wherever the roaches are traveling. It remains briefly lethal sufficient that if you spray their trail beforehand, shutting out the lights and heading off to bed, it would still harm them.

Complete annihilation needs a combination of methods, and sprays like this won’t kill the roaches you cannot see and trace. A perimeter spray also poisonous bait stations would pick up most of your slack, however. Raid Ant Roach Killer Pesticide Spray is great to have on hand for pretty much any bug invasion.

You perhaps know this well-established brand; however, we would like to draw your attention to other benefits of this product. It has a long residue lasting for up to a year. However, you should recall that all sprays kill only instantly after the application. Afterward that, the pesticide can only repel.

And Raid Ant Roach is a kind of automatic spray as it comes with batteries plus has an auto-trigger. On top of that, you could treat pesky insects outside the house, and it would be effective.


  • Instantly effective, operative against most crawling insects
  • It kills on contact
  • It is effective against ants also
  • You do not have to concern about attract roaches
  • The odor vaporizes quickly


  • It is only effective upon sight, not a longstanding solution, relatively toxic
  • Does not remove the entire colony

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EcoSmart Natural, Plant-Based Ant & Roach Killer Spray

EcoSmart’s Natural Ant & Roach Ready-to-Spray Bottle removes pests rapidly and efficiently. The spray is made from organic pesticides using a great plant-based formula to get free of german cockroaches. Its composition is non-toxic, making it safe to use around humans and pets while used as directed.

EcoSmart Natural, Plant-Based Ant & Roach Killer Spray


Instead of the usual toxic chemicals that typically come with spraying pesticides to kill pests, this Pest Control Ready-to-Spray has a very influential mint smell. It has wintergreen and peppermint oil as the active ingredient. The fragrance does not last long and is normally gone inside a day or two, but the pests would not return.

Not only will roaches be destroyed with this product, however, their secretions would be wiped away also.

This advantage is two-fold: your home would be free of the disease-filled sputum left behind by the roaches, plus the pheromones which attract cockroaches would be neutralized.


  • It kills roaches and the trail of germs they leave behind
  • There are Long-term toxicity to roaches for 12 weeks
  • Leaves a floral scent in place of sticky, chemical residue
  • All-natural
  • It kills and repels
  • The spray is environment-friendly, pet & kid-friendly
  • It has a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Does not entirely protect against roach reproduction

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Combat Max Ant and Roach Quick Kill Foam Spray

Combat Max Ant and Roach Killer Quick Kill Foam Spray are meant to eliminate roaches on contact. The advantage of the foam version of a roach-killing spray is that you can clearly see wherever the product goes down to identify which regions you have treated. This product dries invisible and continues to kill roaches for 10 months.

Combat Max Ant and Roach Quick Kill Foam Spray


This foam expands, which is great for inaccessible places, such as deeper crevices or cracks near the foundation around houses. Some users stated it ate the varnish off wood tables and did not recommend spraying it straight onto the cloth. It is also specified as having a forceful spray; thus, use it carefully to evade blow-back into your eyes.

This roach-killing spray is most effective (and exclusive) because it quickly morphs from spray to foam. The foam would expand into cracks and small openings, which work to down roaches in poison.

Combat Max’s foam spray exterminates on contact and provides you a visual reference of the treated regions. It dries invisible, plus the expanding foam makes it easy to get this pesticide into hard-to-reach places wherever roaches love to hide.

The active fixings in this foam spray are neo-pynamin as well as Cypermethrin.


  • It uses a foam solution to eliminate roaches completely
  • The spray Effectively rods cracks as well as crevices of pests
  • They kill insects rapidly and without an unpleasant odor
  • Kills roaches and ants on contact
  • The foam expands into hard-to-reach places
  • It dries invisible


  • The product does not always protect against re-invasion
  • Some roaches on porous surfaces require extra sprays to be exterminated

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 Hot Shot Ant & Roach Spray Plus Germ Killer

Hot Shot Ant & Roach spray contains Cypermethrin, Prallethrin, and other active ingredients that exterminate other roaches, bugs, and germs.

Hot Shot Ant & Roach Spray Plus Germ Killer


This spray would work on cockroaches (not including the Oriental roach), ants (excluding Pharoah and fire ants), crickets, firebrats, silverfish, fleas, and spiders (not including brown recluse spiders).

And it’s a residual sprays formula; thus, it will protect your home for up to 12 weeks afterward, applying to a non-absorbent surface. You won’t be capable of using this spray outside. Still, it is highly effective against the roaches that have already attacked your home.

Plus, this spray exterminates 99.9% of the germs that pests might leave behind. The fresh floral scent moreover helps mask the odor of the insecticides.


  • It kills roaches, ants as well as other insects
  • The spray offers up to 12 weeks of safety
  • It kills germs that bugs may leave behind
  • It has a fresh floral scent


  • It is toxic to pets and persons
  • The spray could not be applied outside otherwise to porous surfaces

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Organic Home Pest Control Spray by mdxConcepts

The Home Pest Control Spray by mdxConcepts is a roach killer spray appropriate for both insides and outside. It is made from 100% natural elements, for example, vinegar and other essential oils. As a result, the spray is safe to use around pets and kids while effectively killing diverse crawling insects, for instance, spiders.

Organic Home Pest Control Spray by mdxConcepts


The Pest Control Spray effectively kills spiders, termites, ants, and beetles on contact. Moreover, this spray also has a nice peppermint smell, and it could be sprayed in diverse corners of the house.

Furthermore, the best roach killers, like this one, are object-specific, i.e., they will not damage anything except their main target. Usually, this is one of the safest pesticides available in the marketplace and is also budget-friendly.

This spray-based pesticide can eliminate more than just roaches. It can kill an extensive range of diverse household pests and undesirable insect nests without using any toxic mixtures and formulas. It is fast-acting, long-term, and safe to use around pets; thus, you can clear out roach invasions and destroy nests without requiring to quarantine the whole rooms of your house.

Rather than using a chemical-based pesticide, this organic spray is based on a mixture of numerous essential oils and vinegar, which makes it mild against anything it is not designed to kill. Furthermore, this means that you do not need to be concerned about it reacting with water or other cleaning agents and chemicals.

This spray is extremely effective and astonishingly safe, making it an outstanding tool for family homes and pet-filled areas that have big roach infestation or constantly returning nests.


  • It works rapidly
  • The spray is safe to use for pets or kids
  • It has a Long-term effect
  • The spray Has a nice peppermint smell
  • It is easy to use
  • It is entirely organic.
  • The spray does not react with other chemicals or surfaces
  • It works on more than just roaches
  • It might be sprayed into small nooks as well as hard-to-reach regions.


  • It needs to be sprayed manifold times

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TERRO T2302 Spider, Ant, Roach, and Other Insects Killer

Since it was founded in 1917, Terro has been a household brand when it comes to pest management. The Lititz, Pennsylvania-based pest control firm is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. This includes fluid ant killers, aerosol propellants and boundary applications for your company.

TERRO T2302 Spider, Ant, Roach, and Other Insects Killer


In the world of spider and insect killers, TERRO is a well-known name. Anyone who is afraid of spiders should keep a can of this aerosol spray on hand. Scorpion, black widows, brown spider, and hobo spiders, as well as ants, crickets and Cockroaches may all be killed by this product.

Insecticide spray is an excellent preventative remedy for wall gaps, fractures, and crevices, since it quickly eliminates bugs. Bug tracks and typical spider nests can be sprayed with it. Residual effects might be felt for up to four weeks after treatment. Safety reasons necessitate that a new application be made every four weeks, rather than every week.

Pyrethrin and deltamethrin are the active components of this pesticide spray. Some people are put off by the strong stench, and as a result they opt to wear protective gear. Wolf spiders are quickly dispatched by the spray’s 30-second kill time. As roaches die, they enter a marshmallow-like condition.

A potent combination of chemicals in this sprayer instantly puts an end to spider infestations. Adjacent to the spiders’ nest or right on them, you can utilize it. Insecticide can be sprayed over the area where you’ve seen spiders if you don’t understand where the nest is.

Ant and spider pesticides are among TERRO’s most well-known product lines. They provide a wide range of products for pest management specialists. For both interior and exterior usage, this spray is recommended. Long-lasting effects might be expected. The product is packaged in an aerosol spray container for portability and ease of use.


  • components with a high level of power
  • kills spiders of many species
  • a long-term benefit;
  • application is simple and straightforward
  • an inexpensive price


  • Because of the chemicals it contains, it should not be used around children

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Buying Guide for The Best Cockroach Killer Spray

As you expect from a product group that contains extremely toxic pesticides, choosing a cockroach spray for your home could include many factors that require consideration. Just going for the most powerful and effective spray is not always the finest choice. And since we all have diverse situations around us, it is even harder to just commend a cockroach killer spray without addressing how and why we have chosen them and how you should select your next bug spray buying.

Thus, if you are looking to find a new bug killer spray option, here are the things we think you should consider first.


Chemical or Natural

There are the two main groups of roach sprays you will find online. Both have their advocates plus both groups of advocates tend to throw embroidered arguments and overgeneralized facts at each other. The simple fact is that both kinds of roach sprays can work fine and do their job, but their works are just different.

Where extremely toxic bug sprays are meant to directly kill existing heavy cockroaches or bug invasions, natural repellents are more of a preventive measure.

Suppose you have just seen a couple of accidental cockroaches in your home. In that case, a good natural roach spray could effectively repel the pests beforehand they have even spread.

However, if you face a full-blown cockroach attack or the natural spray is not offering sufficient protection, you need to consider a stronger chemical option. These products do have the negative disadvantages of often intolerable smells, along with health risks for your pets and kids if direct contact has been accidentally permitted. But they are sometimes the merely effective measure against significant bug problems.


Type of Roach Killers

There are three kinds of cockroach sprays, which are-

i. Surface Sprays

They offer longstanding control and can be applied on dustbins, shelves, crevices, etc. Surface sprays attack the roach’s nerve function with synthetic pyrethroids, producing paralysis and death.

ii. Traps and Baits

Traps and baits offer extensive roach control and are effective while used along with a surface spray. They comprise indoxacarb, which enters the roach’s nervous system and blocks sodium channels, instigating dehydration and death.

iii. Knockdown Sprays

Knockdown sprays contain a parallel key active ingredient but help target a single cockroach at a time and remove them instantaneously.


Active Ingredients

Roaches are best demolished with chemicals. Though pest control authorities have limited the use of damaging substances for home usage for safety purposes, there are still some toxic ingredients like fipronil, abamectin B1, Pyriproxyfen Indoxacarb, and Hydramethylnon, which can be deadly even in a few percentages.



Best Roach killer sprays are neither the costliest products nor the most often used ones. As such, price differences between diverse brands might not be as crucial, but it still does not hurt to keep them into consideration.

Do not forget to compare the prices with the product’s durability. A cheap product that requires reapplication every month is considerably costlier in the long run than a more expensive product that needs to be sprayed twice a year.


Safe For Pets and Kids

When seeking the fatal roach spray, be certain to check if the product has been labeled to be kid or pet-friendly. Most of the roach sprays comprise harmful active ingredients that are not good for your children.

Some ant roach killer products are safe for kids and pets, but since they still have deadly toxins in them, thus it is safer for you to keep them away from the ingredient in all cases.

In the state of an emergency, take your kid to a doctor instantly. While maximum roach killers are harmless while they contact the human skin, however, if ingested, they could have adverse significances.


How Quickly It Works

An essential issue to consider while buying a roast killer is how fast it works and removes insects, roaches, and bugs. Most of the roach sprays start working immediately and remove the roaches inside a few hours. Others may take some time. Make sure to read the reviews of a product before purchasing it.


Length of Efficacy

This factor specifies how long the roach killer products could work. Usually, the length of efficiency of an ant roach killer depends on two things— how fast the active ingredient will break down and the quantity of product you are applying. The maximum of these products has at least one month of effectiveness. At the same time, the maximum efficiency of the products is two years.

Sometimes, the big infestations need additional sticky traps. The poison could be consumed too fast, as many stubborn german cockroaches are engulfing it. Before applying the product, you need to check the directions given on the package of that spray. With this, ensure that you have checked the time while the product needs to be replaced.


Brand Name

The brand name is very important sometimes. To help you out, here are the brands that we would advise you to consider first: Bengal, Black Flag Dry Ant Killer, Harris, Aunt Frannie’s, Ortho, Wondercide, Combat, and Hot Shot.



The best roach sprays do one thing well for most people: it stops a sprayed roach in its tracks with the fastest knockdown. As a bonus, a good spray keeps killing any cockroaches that come upon for days otherwise, weeks afterward, that first spray.

Select one that meets your requirements: nontoxic sprays for pet proprietors; residual sprays -focused for widespread applications; fast knockdown for anyone who does not want to chase a half-dead roach underneath the fridge.

You can always write to us for more information and suggestions regarding your specific problem (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).



Are cockroach killer sprays Safe for My Children & Pets?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: It must be, but you should still put safety measures to stop needless exposure.

Do Roach Sprays Kill Other Bugs?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: Since roaches are so adept at surviving, right roach killers use high levels of insecticide that could kill a wide diversity of other pests, such as hornets, mice, bees, ants, spiders, rats, and silverfish.

How do I get rid of roaches permanently?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: The best way to remove roaches or pest control hacks is to keep your place clean. You would not see these roaches in your home permanently if you cut off food and water at the source. Make certain they will not find any of it in your home.

How Do Roaches Get Inside Your House In The First Place?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: Cockroaches are very capable insects that could enter your home in several diverse ways, including crawling inside over small holes and cracks in the house. They can also enter by hitching a ride on bags, suitcases, backpacks, and other containers; finding openings around doors and windows.

How does diatomaceous earth kill cockroaches?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic toxic chemical to pets and humans, but it kills insects by abolishing their exoskeletons.

How effective is boric acid for roaches?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: When applied appropriately, boric acid is an effective technique to kill cockroaches. Though, if applied wrongly or too generously, boric acid can lose its strength. Furthermore, because it is essentially a powder, it could create a big mess.

How long do roach motels last?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: The Black Flag Roach Motel lasts up to 4 months, dependent on how rapidly roaches and other pests “check-in.” When you’ve reached maximum use, it’s easy to just throw the trap away as well as replace it with a new one

How quickly does gel baits kill roaches?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: Once a roach has found and consumed bait, it usually dies within 1-3 days.

What are the best roach killers for home use?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: Our top pick for best roach killer products is the Ortho 0196410 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray.

With a full method to roach extermination, the Ortho spray bottle is easy to use. It also permits you to apply the spray anyplace around your home, inside and outside.

What are the most effective homemade roach killers I can make from household items?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: Borax is a readily available washing product that’s outstanding for killing roaches. For best outcomes, combine the same parts of borax and white table sugar. Dust the mix any place you’ve seen roach movement. When the roaches consume the borax, it dehydrates them, causes food poisoning, and kills them fast.

What do professionals use to kill roaches?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: Typically, exterminators use a combined approach. They do big-scale cleaning of the sites with foggers and professional sprays and then set up baits and cockroach traps if a few roaches survive sprays. In professional products, you would find active ingredients, for example, Cypermethrin, Indoxacarb, and Permethrin. Bait stations are effective sufficient that professional exterminators also use them. The bait stations work as long as there is adequate poison for the roaches

What is the best insect growth regulator?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: The best IGR (insect growth regulator) on the marketplace is IG Regulator.

What spray kills roaches instantly?

Category: Cockroach Killer Spray
Ans: Raid Ant & Roach Killer Pesticide Spray is one of the most effective at killing roaches. A spray can is useful when you spot a roach in your home and don’t want to get too close. A roach spray would kill the bug almost promptly.

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