Best Bed Bug Powder for Home: Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs and Other Crawlers!

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In this article, we are looking for the best bed bug powder. These powders that we will be looking at are the customer tested products that are the most effective at killing bed bugs. These bed bug powders are often effective against other bugs as well.

Consider this scenario: After a long day’s work at the office, or at the store, or at the field, you throw yourself on the bed and want to rest for a while. It was all going well and good, but then you realized something was wrong! Something has bitten you, and then another, and then another. Before you know it, you have an itchy back and rashes.

Maybe, now you are rethinking the decision of that trip to the hotel someplace!

This is a huge problem, the bed bug problem. Usually, hotels are busy places, and they do not have the time to clean their bedding ever so often. This is where bed bugs are born, and they travel with your clothes to your place.

Bed bugs are the most annoying bug infestations ever. These little crawling bugs can give you a hard time, sleepless nights, and the annoyance associated with that.

There are health concerns as well. Bed bugs can give you lime diseases and other skin problems that are a hassle to treat. Not to mention the cost!

What can be done about that!

Some people will tell you there are home remedies and such and such that you need to do. Although some of those might work for smaller bed bug infestations, it is always better to get expert help in cases like these.

We will review the bed bug powders based on customer reviews, and we will see what you need to know about them in our buying guide. Later we will discuss the ways to put bed bug powders to use and the safety measures that you need to take.


Best Bed Bug Powder: Our Top 8 Picks

Let’s see what are the finest bed bug powders on the market, and say goodbye to bed bug bites.


Safer 51703 Diatomaceous Earth-Bed Bug Flea, Ant, Crawling Insect Powder

Safer 51703 is a diatomaceous earth powder for killing bed bugs, fleas, ants, and other crawling insects.

Safer 51703 Diatomaceous Earth-Bed Bug Flea, Ant, Crawling Insect Powder- Best Bed Bug Powder


This is 85% Silicone Dioxide and 15% other ingredients made insecticide powder. This powder can kill ants, bed bugs, centipedes, millipedes, crickets, fleas, roaches, silverfish, etc. You can use it to kill other infestations as well.

This is a non stain powder that is a fast acting powder for killing infestations. Safer Brand DE is very effective in killing insects. It features water algae fossils that are microscopic, and the fossil dehydrates the insects, and then they die.

Safer Brand DE is not a medicine, but it is very effective. And because it is not ingested by the bugs, they can not become resistant to the powder.

This is kitchen and bed safe, with no stain powder that kills the bugs. You can just sprinkle the insecticide where you know the bugs live and give it a while to work.

The manufacturers issue a warning that it is not safe to drink or inhale. It is not safe for kids and pets. This is a registered insecticide and is meant to be used like that. DO NOT DRINK OR INHALE THIS.

This is the highest reviewed product on our list. Safer’s bed bug killers are used by many customers who reviewed it as one of the finest products. Many people used this and found it kills almost everything that it claims can kill.


  • Kills other bugs, and other extra insects
  • Long residual property
  • Kitchen and bed safe
  • 2nd Highest reviewed product
  • Kills other insects like ants, fleas, and other infestations


  • Not safe around kids

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Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Powder and Flea Killer

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug and Flea Killer Powder is a long lasting control bed bugs infestation, kills bed bugs and fleas. This powder kills fleas and bugs and gives you eight months of control over bed bugs, fleas, ants, silver fish, beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, spiders, and other bugs.

Ortho 4389005 Bed Bug Powder and Flea Killer- Best Bed Bug Powder You can use this powder in cracks and crevices of bed frames, wall holes, and molding, closets, and cupboards. Do not use on carpets or fabrics. It might leave a stain on the carpet.

This bug powder’s active ingredients are deltamethrin, which constitutes 0.5%, and the other ingredients are 99.5%.

Ortho Bug Powder works better if applied to the infested area uniformly.

This is one product from a line of great products of Ortho used in combination to remove the infestations from your house. But this powder alone is enough to kill the bed bugs in your house.

Ortho bed bug powder is a powerful anti-bug chemical medicine that kills the bugs by paralyzing them. After a successful bug killing, you need to wash all the clothes that it came in contact with, sweep the place with a mop or vacuum cleaner for the safest clean.

Ortho Bug powder is a strong insecticide that is not safe for children and pets. So store accordingly.

It is recommended by the manufacturers that you use the protection necessary and wash your hands after using the powder. So, avoid direct contact with your skin, eyes, and mouth after using the powder.

Ortho bed bug powder comes with a nozzle to powder the crevices more accurately and efficiently.


  • Kitchen and bed safe
  • Kills other insects like ants, fleas, and other infestations
  • Comes with a nozzle
  • Kills other bugs, hidden bed bugs


  • Not safe around kids

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Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth

Harris Bed Bug Killer is a registered product by Environmental Protection Agency and Organic Minerals Research Institute for home use around people and pets.

Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth- Best Bed Bug Powder


The main ingredient in this bed bug powder is Diatomaceous Earth, which is extracted from water algae fossils from mines. The powder works by dehydrating the bugs and then killing them almost instantaneously.

Harris bed bug killer is safe for humans and pets because it does not have the capability to dehydrate mammals or larger animals.

The bed bug killer powder pack is a 4 pound pack that comes with a powder duster and can be used right away. You just point the infested area and powder out for the desired result.

It works within 48 hours and continues to kill bed bugs even next few weeks. As long as this powder is dry, this will kill the bed bugs.

This is a fast acting insect killer that can kill fleas, roaches, silverfishes, ants, beetles, slugs, and of course, bed bugs. It works for weeks after application, so it makes sure to kill all the bed bugs before they can lay eggs.

You can use this beg bug powder as an insecticide in your home, office, shop, gym, and pretty much everywhere, and it will work. Just keep sure that this powder is not getting wet

This product uses diatoms that are crustaceans. They cut the bug’s exoskeleton and make them dry out and die. The microscopic diatoms do not harm people or other larger animals.

This is almost as useful as Harris Diatomaceous Earth Powder, another Harris product, so we have merged the two into one product.

This 4 pound pack of powder is affordable and very effective. Many users have found the ideal combination is Harris Bed Bug Powder and a mattress cover. You put the powder on wherever you think the infestation is. Then you cover the mattress to avoid bugs jumping around. This is the most effective way of killing 100% of the bugs.


  • Kills other bugs
  • Kills slugs as well
  • Pet safe, children safe, skin safe
  • Comes with a powder duster to kill bed bugs


  • Not for human consumption, unlike diatomaceous earth products, not food grade diatomaceous earth

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Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide

This is a 1 pound bottle for your insecticide needs. One bottle covers a 2,000 square feet area. This is an insecticide with bed bug killing ability.

Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide


The Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control bottle can be used to kill ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fire bats, fleas, termites, beetles, wasps, bees, moths, plant bugs, slugs, and ticks.

The active ingredient of Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control is 0.05% deltamethrin.

This product is approved for use in restaurants, houses, and offices. You can also use this outdoors. This is a strong insecticide for killing roaches and can be applied directly to drains.

If the powder is left undisturbed, Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control can kill bugs for up to 8 months.

Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control bug killer is odorless. You need to use protective gear while using this powder.

This Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control is a premium quality product that can be used industrially to the utmost satisfaction. This is the bed bug powder that can be used in restaurants as well.


  • Kills other bugs, makes bed bugs dead
  • Kills slugs as well
  • Odorless bed bug dust
  • Efficient than other treatment methods


  • Doesn’t come with a powder duster
  • Doesn’t seem to work cockroaches and other larger exoskeletons

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Rockwell Labs CXID032 Cimexa Insecticide Dust for Bed Bugs

Cimexa Insecticide Dust is another premium bug killer on our list.

Rockwell Labs CXID032 Cimexa Insecticide Dust for Bed Bugs


The insecticide kills and controls bed bugs, silverfish, lice, roaches, spiders, fleas, firebrats, ticks, ants, dry wood termites, and mites.

You use this insecticide to kill adult bed bugs, nymphs, bed bug eggs. This bed bug powder can kill the bugs that are resistant to other insecticides. The active ingredient on this powder is Silicon Dioxide.

The nozzle on this powder can reach the hard to reach areas, crevices, and crack, mattresses and linings, carpets, attics, etc.

This is an odorless bug killer that does not leave any stain on fabrics. But in very humid conditions, it can leave stains. Moreover, the powder can remain active for about ten years if left undisturbed. So, this is a 4-pound bottle of insecticide that has a viable long life.

This is an organic chemical powder made green zone brand. This kills infestations by dehydration. Moreover, this is an affordable product that gives you a durable and clean, pest free home and business zone.

Cimexa Insecticide Dust can kill bugs because it uses mineral-based ingredients, unlike pyrethroids and neonicotinoids. Bugs can not get used to the insecticide dust. It even can kill the bugs that are resistant to pyrethroids and neonicotinoids.

Because this works by rapid dehydration and death in the insects, the insects can not resist the bug powder. Because it is not a chemical or medicinal substance, the bugs can not get used to this powder.


  • Odorless, stainless
  • Kills slugs as well
  • Kills other bugs
  • Mineral based ingredient
  • Green brand zone
  • Convenient nozzle


  • Doesn’t come with a powder duster

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Safer Brand 5168 Diatomaceous Earth Powder- Crawling Insect and Bed Bug Killer

This is an organic product which is made with diatomaceous earth. The powder has 77.69% diatomaceous earth dust.

Safer Brand 5168 Diatomaceous Earth Powder- Crawling Insect and Bed Bug Killer


This Safer Brand product is different from the other Safer Brand product in many ways, least of the size.

It is a 7 ounce bottle of bed bug killer powder. This works by dehydrating the bed bugs through microscopic cuts to the bug’s exoskeleton. This is a natural method of killing bed bugs, unlike the chemical ways that the bugs eventually become resistant to.

This powder works indoor and outdoor alike. It kills not just bed bugs but other crawling insects as well.

This is an Organic mineral research institute approved safe product that can be used for gardening as well.

This kills ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, and silverfish, also prevents bed bugs future infestations at the same time.

This is an effective and affordable product that can be used for all your infestation needs.


  • Organic DE
  • Kills ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, and silverfish
  • Mineral based ingredient
  • Organic mineral research institute (OMRI) and other regulatory body certified natural bed bug powders
  • Safe for kids
  • Convenient nozzle


  • Doesn’t come with a duster

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JT Eaton Bed bug Powder and Crawling Insect Powder with Diatomaceous Earth

JT Eaton is another organic based bed bug killer in our list. This is one of the most premium products on the list too. The manufacturers boast about the 80 years of experience they have in the relevant field.

JT Eaton Bed bug Powder and Crawling Insect Powder with Diatomaceous Earth


The insect powder uses Diatomaceous Earth and other elemental oxides that take away the body fluid from the bugs. It can work on bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, crickets, and fleas. This bug killing powder can be used indoors and outdoors.

This is a product that can be used anywhere. The mechanism it uses is pretty natural and doesn’t rely on any chemicals to kill the bugs. So, there is no chance for the bugs to become resistant to this because you can’t survive a cut.

The manufacturers tell you to keep this away from children and pets.

The design of the bottle is a convenient puffer bottle design that makes sure of easy application and pointed attack.

This seven ounce bottle is very affordable and gives you a durable clean of bug infestations. Many users have lauded the effectiveness with which JT Eaton kills bed bugs and other insects. On user has claimed they have seen bed bugs melt. Now, it is rather violent, yes, but bed bugs are annoying little parasites and should be cleansed like that!


  • Organic DE
  • Puffer bottle design
  • Mineral based ingredient
  • Kills other insects like ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, and silverfish
  • Convenient nozzle to all the bugs


  • Doesn’t come with a duster

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Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust with Diatomaceous Earth

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust with Diatomaceous Earth is safe and long-lasting thanks to the user-friendly package. It is easy to apply and use, and it is effective against a wide range of pests, including bed bugs. However, the products must be kept out of the reach of minors.

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust with Diatomaceous Earth


As a prevention measure for bed bugs, Hot Shot Bed Bug powder is a strongly recommended insecticide. Hot Shot solutions have been praised by customers for their ability to rid their homes of bedbugs. Ingredients in the spray make it an efficient bed insect repellent.

This is the first step in determining what kind of bug or insect is entering your house. Using the wrong stuff allows the problem to proliferate and propagate, which is not only unproductive, but also dangerous. Although biting is suggestive of a bed bug outbreak, other pests can bite. Because of their six separate life cycles, juvenile bed bugs are even more difficult to identify.

This formula includes diatomaceous earth, which kills bedbugs within two days and remains active if kept dry.

Despite occasional reports of a rash upon application, this product is worth the money because of its complimentary applicator and value-size choice.

You’re the domestic front’s Boss, managing everything from the carpool to the sofa cushions.   With Hot Shot pesticides, show the pests who’s boss. As a result, you have the upper hand both within and outside your fortress’s gates. For the management of bed bugs in the household, Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust with Diatomaceous Earth is available.

To get rid of bedbugs, sprinkle it about the headboards, bedding, and bed frames, as well as in the nooks and crannies of resting spaces. Sprinkle this dust in wall gaps, on carpeting tack bars, and around carpet edges for more cleaning options. Pests, termites, bugs, springtails, insects, millipedes, spiders, sliders, slugs, and locusts are all killed by this product, as well.

Read the label on the bottle for comprehensive instructions on how to use the solution. The key to getting rid of bed bugs is to do it in a systematic manner. In order to get the greatest results, use this solution in conjunction with other bed bug extermination methods. Hot Shot insecticides comes to the rescue when creepy crawlies try to get through.


  • A complimentary powder applicator is included with the purchase of this item
  • Contamination kills bugs within 48 hours
  • 4 weeks of continuous bed insect killing
  • In the environmental protection agency’s database of registered users


  • Keep it dry even after applying it if you want it to work

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Buying Guide for The Best Bed Bug Powder

There are other products that claim they are as useful as beg bug powders, but our research shows it is not.

Some people have suggested using the liquid form or bed bug sprays. But that is not a feasible alternative because you will need to spray the entire bed with liquid for it to work. At which point, you will not be able to use the bed for a few hours until the spray evaporates.

But as the spray evaporates, the effectiveness of the spray decreases as well. This is not a feasible way to take care of your bed bugs.

Others have said they have used bed bug traps. The basic idea is to lure bed bugs into a trap and then killing them with bed bug poison.

As you can surely understand, it takes a while to lure the bed bugs to the trap. But, there is no assurance that these pesky bed bugs living under the mattress or in the bed frame cracks will be lured and killed.

This is also not efficient.

The most effective way to take care of this infestation is with the powder, such as we have reviewed today. These customer satisfactory bed bug powders are the finest in the market today.

But, you may be wondering why we choose these bed bug powders, not any other. This is because these are not only the customer’s favorite products, but these are effective in killing bed bugs, as per the experts. We are aware of the reasons, and we will be discussing them in our buying guide now.



The first consideration while buying bed bug powder is reading the ingredients. You will know the formula used in this powder. There are generally two major formulas for bed bug powders.


(A) Organic Bed Bug Powders

As the name suggests, these bed bug powders are made with organic ingredients like Silica gel or diatomaceous earth. Silica gel is a synthetic substance made from other natural substances like sand. Diatomaceous earth is extracted from microscopic water plant fossils.

Diatomaceous Earth is a 100% organic, non-toxic product that uses the natural insecticide Diatomaceous Earth. This works by dehydrating the bug by coming in contact with the bug’s exoskeleton.

This is a 100% safe insecticide for your pets and kids. The Diatomaceous Earth is extracted in powder form from mines in the US for the pest Diatomaceous Earth control industry.  It is a food grade insecticide and, therefore, safe for you and your kids and pets.

Diatomaceous Earth can be used for bed bug problems well as other bug infestations. It is so safe that you can drink it with water

This ingredient is Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) certified organic and safe product. Diatomaceous Earth is very effective in killing bed bugs and other parasitic bed bug infestations with enough preparation. Some users use Diatomaceous Earthinsecticide with other essential oils and found that useful for bed bug infestation.

Diatomaceous Earth has tremendous health benefits, and it is safe for pets and kids. It can get rid of bed bugs effectively. In addition, Diatomaceous Earth will strengthen your hair, skin, nail, and joints.

(B) Chemical Bed Bug Powders

These types of powder have ingredients like pyrethrins, pyrethroids, and cyfluthrin, which are well-known insecticides.

Pyrethrin and pyrethroids are waterproof substances. They kill bugs on contact by compromising their nervous system that has hundreds of millions of nerve ends. Pyrethrin works as flea poison for the same reason.

But cyfluthrin kills the bug by paralyzing them.

Both the formulas are effective in getting rid of these annoying little bugs. And we feature both types for our readers in our list of top-rated bed bug powder. Silica gel is often used in combination with other insecticides too.


Level of infestation

Before buying the bed bug powder, you need to estimate the level to which your house is infested. If it is just the beds and some odd furniture, you can do them away just by one type of powder. But if there are more, you will need something stronger, or even more than one product. We have listed the strongest, the safest powders for you.



Some bugs are stronger than others. Bugs get resistant to the poison that is given to them with irregularity and incorrectly. Therefore, you need to identify the types of bugs infesting your house and buy suitable powder to get rid of them. Our list features the most effective bed bug powders for all kinds of known bed bugs in this region of the globe.



It is generally a good idea to know the safety parameter of a product that you are buying. Some products use chemicals that can be harmful to some people. We have made sure that the products that we listed are not harmful to the majority of the people, but it is always better to check. This caution can save you and your loved ones a lot of hassle and money.



The feasibility of a product depends on the effectiveness, the product amount, and the duration to which the product can perform. If these factors are satisfactory enough for you and the price is right, you can opt to buy the product.

These products have the highest rate of all three factors. The price of these products is justified by their feasibility. But if you think a product price is too much for comfort and peace, you can buy any other product from the list.

We can assure you, though, you will get your money’s worth if you buy one of the bed bug powders from our list.


How to Get the Most Out of Bed Bug Powder

Many people complain that the bed bug powder they have bought does not work as promised. Well, there are some sub-par, low quality products out there that can have the problem, but our list contains customer favorite bed bug powders.

Most of the time, people use the bed bug powder wrong, and that is why it doesn’t work. Here is how that should be done-

  1. Clean the house before applying the powder; vacuum the corners of the bed, mattress, and surrounding floor and carpet, and any wooden furniture adjacent to the bed. Make sure there is no place for the bed bugs to hide.
  2. Apply the powder into each and every crack in the bed frame, surrounding wall, wall void, holes, cracks, floor gaps, everywhere adjacent to the bed that you think a bed bug might hide in.
  3. After you have put the powder deep inside everywhere, a bed bug may hide, dust the places for safety. Do not vacuum.
  4. It is a basic rule of thumb to let the powder sit in a thin layer for at least 48 hours for the desired result.
  5. Wash everything that can be washed, like bedsheets, with warm water and soap afterwards (after 48 hours). It is okay to vacuum and heat treat the cracks for thorough cleaning after 48 hours when the deed is done.


Safety Precautions for Bed Bug Powders

Another essential thing to remember is safety. It is better to get a professional powder applicator, but if you want to do that yourself, here is how you should prepare yourself before applying bed bug powders –

 Wear gloves and a mask for protection. Inhaling bed bug powder may be a health hazard for some people. Sprinkle uniformly in a wall void.

  1. Don’t sprinkle directly on clothes.
  2. Avoid sprinkling powder in food storage areas.
  3. Keep the children and pets out while you sprinkle the powder.
  4. Wash everything that came in contact with the powder afterwards.
  5. Keep the powder away from the reach of children. Make sure it doesn’t get confused with other powders.
  6. Keep it in a dry place for a longer shelf-life.
  7. If you have used pesticide instead of powder, change pesticide-treated bedding, this is a serious health hazard.

Make sure to read the instruction, first aid tips, and safety instructions on the back of the bottle/container/packet. In cases of emergency, call a doctor immediately. Keep a powder applicator nearby or on call. Powder applicators are professionally knowledgeable about these things.


Final Words

Bed bugs are a scourge on human lives. These annoying insects can cause discomfort, irritation, and even skin problems for people. It is better to take care of this problem at the earliest sign of infestation.

The list you have seen today contains the top-notch bed bug powders on the market. These products prevent bed bugs successfully and are the highest-reviewed products. But you may have found others that are useful. We would like to know about those products.

If you want to let us know how these powders have worked for you, please write to us (data rights reserved by our privacy policy). Write to us with your support and disagreements.

And, always remember, insecticides are poisons, commit to safety before applying them. If possible, get a powder applicator.



Can I use pesticides to kill bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Powder
Ans: Pesticides should never be used indoors. Pesticides contain harmful chemicals that can harm and even kill people. Inhaling pesticides can cause serious trouble for children.

How dangerous is bed bug powder?

Category: Bed Bug Powder
Ans: Bed bug powder treatment and excessive insecticide application can be dangerous for kids and pets. They can irritate the skin and cause harm if ingested, inhaled, or otherwise enter the body. But there are some bed bug powders that are made with organic ingredients.

Is there a powder for bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Powder
Ans: Yes, there are several powders for bed bugs. We have reviewed the top-rated bed bug powders. Refer to our list for bed bug treatment.

What is the most effective chemical to kill bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Powder
Ans: The most effective chemicals are pyrethrin, deltamethrin, pyrethroid, and cyfluthrin. In addition, there are organic chemicals that kill the bed bugs too. The finest powder in our list uses Diatomaceous Earth and silicon dioxide to dehydrate the bugs.

What to do if I have sprayed pesticides instead of bed bug powder?

Category: Bed Bug Powder
Ans: If you have sprayed your house with pesticides, you need to call experts. You need to change pesticide treated bedding and wash the fabrics that were sprayed with warm water and soap.

Which powder kills bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Powder
Ans: Bed bug powders kill bed bugs. The most efficient bed bug powder is Diatomaceous Earth DE10. There are several other brands like Safer Brand, Ortho, Harris, Delta Dust, Rockwell Cimexa insecticide dust, JT Eaton, etc. All are effective bed bug powders.

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