Best Bed Bug Traps For Early Detection & Ending Bed Bug Infestation – A Comprehensive Buying Guide To Eliminating Bed Bugs

Best Bed Bug Traps featured

The best bed bug traps are one of the effective methods of controlling the bed bug population. If you have ever paid attention to bed bugs, you perhaps already know that they could not fly. It means that these sturdy pests have to walk and creep to reach their host. Although bed bugs are considered one of the toughest pests to get rid of, this biological trait is actually a blessing in disguise.

The bed bug traps, which, if used properly, can trap the bugs inside of a device before they can climb up to bed legs or furniture legs to reach you when you sleep. Bed bug bites are dangerous, and bed bugs crawling is just impossible to tolerate. So, the traps could help you get rid of these pesky insects.

Not all traps are effective, and that is why we have reviewed the best bed bug traps on the marketplace to guide you in the correct direction. Read on to find out what these traps are and how they work, in addition to the ways to use them to confirm effectiveness.


Best Bed Bug Traps Reviewed – Our Top Picks

These are the finest bed bug traps available on the market. These effective traps will surely help you get rid of a large chunk of bed bugs hiding under your bed and furniture.


EcoPest Bed Bug Blocker Pro Interceptor Traps

With EcoPest Bed Bug Blocker Interceptors Traps, it would be easier for you to sleep at night without concerning about getting bitten by bed bugs! It is a 24/7 device that stops any bed bugs from entering your home.

EcoPest Bed Bug Blocker Pro Interceptor Traps


There are no pesticides or chemicals included in this product; thus, you can be certain that these bug interceptors would not be dangerous to your health. Talc or any other powder normally used to drive away bugs is not incorporated in this product. You have to place it below the bed or furniture, sleep deeply, and you can expect to eliminate the bed bugs in the following days.

The Bed Bug Blocker Pro could be used with almost any kind of furniture or bed. These bed bug interceptors are designed to endure the weight of big beds. It is constructed in a way that the external walls of the trap are textured to permit bed bugs to climb into the pit and would ultimately get trapped. Each deadfall trap has flat outside walls you could use for easy installation on corners and walls. Simultaneously, the deep interior reservoir creates it possible for you to secure this on any bed frame and furniture leg.

Owing to its industrial-graded design and performance, this could even be used commercially in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and other residences. You could also place it under your kid’s crib to ensure your kid does not get bitten by bed bugs. Each box contains eight heavy-duty Bed Bug Interceptor Traps. The eight traps would be enough to deliver you detection and protection for at least two beds as well as a few pieces of furniture.

You would not have to concern about any bed bugs biting you and your family. With EcoPest Labs’ Bed Bug Blocker Pro, you are secure to sleep quietly at night.


  • Deep trap design does not let bugs escape
  • Black color attracts bed bugs, and bed bugs fall into it
  • Acts as a bed bug detector
  • Fits most furniture
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable
  • Reasonable price
  • Accessible in two colors


  • Doesn’t work well on baby bed bugs

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Ortho Home Defence Max Bed Bug Traps

Did you get the type of bed bug trap that traps bugs in just an hour’s time frame! We have one such choice for you, and it is this Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Trap.

Ortho Home Defence Max Bed Bug Traps


These bed bug traps are from Ortho, a reliable name in home pest defense. The traps detect bed bugs whether you are at home or traveling. They are great tools in combat against bed bugs. 

Each box comprises two traps. Just place them near your bed for continuous protection and checking. Eventually, the built-in attractant appeals to bed bugs for up to two weeks.

The traps are great for a hotel room. Keep them in place throughout your entire stay to evade taking bed bugs home with you.

These active bed bug traps use pheromones that are enticing to bed bugs. It is very lightweight; thus, you can effortlessly take it with you anyplace you travel. The trap comprises a glue card which you would need to attach to the bottom of the pheromone device. When in place, you could click on the key to trigger the pheromones, which could lure out bed bugs from their hiding places to trap them on the gluey card. Some clients complain that the trap is ineffective and instead trapped inside other pests, dust mites, and mosquitoes.

Its catchy part is that it appeals, attracts bed bugs, and traps all kinds of bed bugs in a little time. It is a Pesticide-free product; you would also get a money-back warranty option in case you do not like this product.

You don’t need to worry about the bed bugs’ existence; use this device and make your life enormously easy.


  • It is Pesticide-free
  • Scientifically verified attractant
  • Simple guidelines and easy to use
  • Attract, detect and trap bed bugs in as fast as an hour
  • Handy and small in size
  • The odor is not risky to people or animals.
  • Safe lid enclosure to evade touching the stuck bed bugs


  • Not an individual product, use in combination with Ortho’s 3-Step Bed Bug Solution

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Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap

Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap helps eliminate bugs by trapping down live bugs and is hassle-free to carry out early detection. It is its two-well design that creates this trap more popular.

Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap


Its promising part is that it displays and shows the direction of creepy crawlies concerning wherever they are crawling! Apart from that, if you want to decide and clearly want to check out which furniture is still being infected with bed bugs afterward treatment, then you could try out this product.

We gave our thumbs-up to this bed bug interceptor trap as it gives a versatile design. It is made in the USA, and no quality bed bug issues come along with it.

The trap itself is very well designed for capturing bed bugs and be placed as required. The two-well design makes certain that the bugs do not getaway. Along with that, it is extremely robust and is made from very sturdy hard plastic.

This trap is one of the finest oily traps. It has a very good design, and it is robust too. It could do away with your bed bug problems rapidly and efficiently. Thus, if you are looking for a trap that could truly hold its own, this one by Climbup is perhaps the one.


  • It is pesticide-free
  • Dual-well design
  • Versatile
  • It is made in the USA
  • Accommodative size fits maximum furniture
  • Designed with crack-resistant polypropylene


  • It does not have enough talc powder

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Aspectek Bed Bug Trap & Climb Up Insect Interceptor

Apectek Bed Bug Trap is prepared of 7-ounce plastic pieces with a dimension of 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches. It comes pre-talced, which mainly means the talcum powder is already applied to the trap. The powder creates the trap’s surface slippery and hard for the bedbugs to climbing slippery surfaces.

Aspectek Bed Bug Trap & Climb Up Insect Interceptor


You could easily notice the trap’s bumpy surface inside its inner circle. It helps to distribute pressure across the surface while holding furniture consistently. Aspectek uses this design to stop the piece from cracking, though the real weight load has yet been discovered. The insect trap has a grooved surface to traps bed bugs and cut off their movement.

The walls are slippery because of talcum powder and make it easy for as many bed bugs as possible to slide in but rather hard to get out. You’ll furthermore notice that Aspectek uses white color to make it easier to recognize the bed bugs. This specific product of Apectek uses no chemicals and is considered an ecologically safe bug trap.

Aspectek Bed Bug Trap consists of usual sticky traps that have a heat and light lure. The dome-shaped trap contains a heat-emitting lamp that attracts bed bugs and other insects’ similar fleas, moths, etc. Once the bug crawls onto the trap, it trapped bed bugs on the powerful snare, incapable of crawling away again. Though the device is non-toxic and safe, it runs on electricity and produces heat; so keep small children and pets away from it.


  • Comes pre-talced
  • White color creates bugs visible
  • You can use it as a night light
  • Easy as well as convenient to use


  • Some cases of cracking under extreme weight
  • Not artistically created

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Trapper Monitor & Insect Trap

Trapper Monitor & Insect Trap is a non-toxic, glue-based trap that comes with 90 cardboard papers. The glue used is strong and will not get easily dragged away while in contact with an insect. This trapping mechanism is an old technique and has been used to kill bed bugs and insects. 

Trapper Monitor & Insect Trap


Just peel the plastic cover off the sticky traps and fold the trap into a triangle to use it. Set it around the feet of the furniture and other places that are probable to be infested. If you’re unsure where to place it, you could always add your blood meal baits or attractants. If you have a high bed bug invasion, you can always add more cardboard in diverse places.

This glue trap could work against a diversity of bugs, which is certainly a plus point as you will only need this to fight off various intruders. Apart from that, you get lots of traps in just one buying, promising great value. Moreover, this product is non-toxic, so you can use it without causing damage to your pets.

Considering how well the trap could work against several traps from other brands, it is better suited for people facing larger bed bug problems. Those who are not simply suffering from a larger infestation but also one that involves other critters will find bed bugs trap very convenient.


  • The trap could stick to almost all clean surfaces
  • Setup is very easy as well as does not take a lot of effort
  • It could be used in houses, offices, and any other settings as well
  • Non-toxic thus, it can be used around pets and kids without any problems
  • It could be used as a larger trap or could be separated to be used as smaller traps


  • Needs proper disposal while filled with bugs
  • Hard to assemble

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Harris Bed Bug Traps

Harris Bed Bug Traps is a very easy-to-use glue trap. The bed bug trap comes with four adhesive cardboards, which could be placed under furniture wherever you suspect bed bug activity. This bed bug trap stops the insects inside your bed from scattering all over the place and stops other bed bugs from creating their way into your bed.

Harris Bed Bug Traps


Harris Bedbug Traps come with 20 sheets and are pesticide-free, a desirable option for purchasing traps. It is easy to use and appropriate for both housing and commercial areas. Though this should be used only for early infestations. And its effectiveness is restricted at best. However, it comes with natural elements, so using it does not hurt.

These traps are not used as a solution for a bed bug invasion. You can use powders and liquids in their place. These traps are moreover used as an early bed bug detector device for detecting bed bugs at your place when you suspect bed bugs.

One of the interesting things about these products is that it does not use any insecticides. Another advantage is that these traps are small and distinct.

You can have peace of mind that if your dog or baby accidentally comes in contact with the traps, they will not be poisoned.

These traps naturally last longer than traps with insecticides. As long as the glue is adhesive, this trap is effective. Since this trap has a house around the traps, these traps would keep the trapped bugs pleasantly hidden.

Another great thing is that they are small. You can place them behindhand bedposts, bed legs, and furniture legs without anybody noticing.


  • Pesticide-free as well as all-natural
  • Very easy to use
  • Very unremarkable and can easily slide under furniture
  • It could be used in residents and commercial paces
  • It has 4 traps inside


  • Limited effectiveness
  • Contains no lure to attract bed bugs

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Catchmaster Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps

The Catchmaster Bug and Fly Clear Window Fly Traps come in a set of 12 (three packs with four traps) as well as tape easily to your window or near lights wherever flies and other bugs are most probable to converge. If used with care, these can also be positioned on cool lights (not lights that would get hot and heat the blue or cause a fire danger) as insects are enticed to lights, too.

Catchmaster Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps


Client ratings are remarkably high on the accomplishment rate of these traps. We furthermore found them to work fine, particularly placed near corners of windows wherever flies buzz around. For even more efficiency, try adding the smallest, thinnest smudge of a lure such as a peanut butter otherwise mashed banana in the mid of the adhesive film to inspire flies to find it.

The Catchmaster Clear Window Traps are easy to install. They come in a convenient four-pack and adhere to any glass, wood, metal, otherwise plastic surface. They work most effectively in windows, which naturally entice flies of all species.

Flies just cannot resist the non-toxic gluey substance. Once the clear rectangle of the film is occupied with fruit and house flies, mildly pull it away from the window and replace it with a fresh one. The glue left behind from the adhesive is easily eliminated with a swipe of rubbing alcohol.


  • It is Long-lasting
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to dispose of
  • It is Non-toxic
  • Clear film to catch flies on windows
  • If curtains get trapped, they can be easily peeled off
  • Highly rated
  • Budget-friendly
  • It could be placed up high away from kids


  • Unpleasant odor

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Raid Bed Bug Detector & Trap

Early discovery is necessary for the successful treatment and eradication of bed bugs. Early identification of bed bugs may be accomplished using the Raid Bed Bug Detector and Trap. The trap’s see-through glass makes it simple to inspect the contents for bed bugs. Placing wrapped and sealed detectors in a Ziploc bag for disposal is an easy way to get rid of the old device.

Raid Bed Bug Detector & Trap


This information is crucial if you really suffer a bed bug problem or are concerned about the prospect of one. Using the Raid Bed Bug Trap and Detector, you can keep an eye on your house for symptoms of these creepy insects, and get ahead of it before they cause any damage. Whether you peek through the see-through glass of this dust mite trap, you’ll be able to tell if there are bugs in the apartment or baggage. This has been created with the sole purpose of making bed insect detection simple.

Bedbug infestations can be solved with early identification

Find bed bugs under cushion tufts, in behind frame, in the bed frame’s crevices, and in the bed itself.

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to use hot water to wash sheets, pillows, and bed coverings. 30 minutes on high heat is all it takes to get the job done. Lower heat settings are best for fragile things.

Infested bedding and furnishings should be vacuumed. Attempt to destroy far more bugs and larvae as you can. You should promptly dispose of the vacuum bag in the outdoor garbage.

Because of its proportions, this item may be used in a broad range of situations. When traveling, it may be tucked under the mattress, over your baggage, in desk drawers, and even in your closet. Originally developed to be used at home or on the go. An efficient method of monitoring bed bug movement in your house or protecting any piece of baggage from bearing the danger of swarming your interior quarters is essential if you are seeking for Raid Bed Bug Detector and Trap.


  • The fact that it is small and light makes it suitable for a wide range of uses
  • Bedbugs may be seen clearly through a see-through pane
  • Prevent infestations of bed bugs before they occur
  • For up to three months, this treatment is successful


  • Because it is a one-time-use trap, it must be discarded after usage

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How Do Bed Bug Traps Work?

Though they are advertised not to contain any chemicals, bed bug traps release carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide that the trap releases lures out the bed bugs. These bugs are fascinated by carbon dioxide, which we all know is the by-product of our inhalation of oxygen. That is how the bed bug traps usually work.

For the design of the trap itself, producers vary from one model to another. Several designs have textured external walls, which would, hence, help the bed bugs to navigate themselves into the trap – to the pitfall. In contrast, other methods are flat and plain, which would work great for finding bugs. Moreover, some traps use food as bed bug bait or lure in place of having the trap release carbon dioxide.

You do not need to be technically adept while setting up the traps. All you have to do is to peel off the safety sheet from the glue on one side of the trap as well as place it under the bed or furniture you consider the bed bugs would likely crawl under.

Other traps work greatest if talc is added to them. But before doing this, you have to make certain that the product’s manufacturer commends doing this part. It is to avoid any likely chemical reaction that might have an adversative effect if it comes in contact with other ingredients as there are different additives incorporated in the traps.


Best Bed Bug Traps – Buying Guide

Bed bugs traps are the most inexpensive pest treatment and could be fairly effective for low-level invasions. Many traps lure bed bugs in the open so that owners can kill bed bugs with sprays. Other traps come with gluey adhesives that kill pests too.

When purchasing bed bug traps, there are a few things that you would consider:


Type- Active and passive traps

Knowing which kind of bed bug trap to purchase might help you recognize bed bugs efficiently and possibly save you some bucks. Usually, there are two main groups of bed bug traps; active traps and passive traps.

Active traps have a lure system wherever they direct the bugs to the trap. When they get in, the bugs get forever bundled up as the traps contain sturdy adhesives.

Passive traps, instead, don’t have a lure system, and you would have to place them close to you. Passive bed bug traps are the least costly but, at the same time, not as effective as active traps.



Some traps come pre-lined with talcum powder, and others do not. If you purchase a trap that has not been treated by the powder, its walls will not be as slick, and you will have to spend more cash on talc. So it’s better if you purchase bed bug interceptors that are pre-lined with the powder.



Traps come in various sizes. Get some traps that are big enough to accommodate the legs of your bed. Some bug traps only come in a single size, so make certain they fit your bed before purchasing them.


Ease of Use

Irrespective of whether the trap you purchase is an interceptor, an adhesive-based trap, or comes with a CO2 otherwise pheromone lure, it must be easy and suitable to use. It should not have complex parts or things that are prone to break or spill.



Traps work much better with a lure. The most prevalent lure kinds are carbon dioxide, pheromones, as well as heat. As stated by the users, CO2-based traps are much more effective than any other kind of lure.

Not only do bed bug traps decrease biting, but they moreover confirm whether you have a infestation in the first place. The finest way to use these bed bugs is to use them as a part of a big bed bug control plan.



Bed bug traps usually come in black or white, and color makes no difference while catching bed bugs. As in, bed bugs are not more enticed to either color.

Bed bugs are small, which means they could be challenging to find out instantly. That’s why we recommend selecting traps that are white. It just makes life easier.



Unless noticed early, the infestations might prove to be very hard to contain. With the use of a bed bug trap, the process needs planning and a little patience. It will help if you look for different bed bug traps that would last long enough to sustain the killing process.

Traps like climb-up interceptors need to be strong sufficient to withstand the bed’s frame, or else you will buy another one even before the bed bugs get stuck. Luckily, most traps last for rather some time.


Pesticide Free, Kid-Safe, and Pet Safe

Most significantly, look for the bed bug trap model that is kid-safe, pet-safe, and pesticide-free. It would not be composed of any additive chemicals. It should not contain any traces of talcum powder or any other damaging chemicals traces in it.


Quick and Easy Setup Process

Moreover, have that trap option which offers a fast and simple setup procedure. The trap should get set up and installed in a matter of minutes.

Even more, you need to be given numerous placement alternatives while installing it. High-quality bed bug traps are free to slide underneath a bed, table, couch, or under a crib, chair, or sofa, or another furniture piece.


Versatile and Effective Design

Seek that kind of bed bug trap that is enclosed by a versatile and effective design. If it has a dual-well design, then that is great.


Reliability and Cost

The price of controlling bed bugs depends on the level of invasion in your home. If you’re looking to recognize the bugs early, you do not have to worry about the budget. Traps used for early bed bug detection are inexpensive since they do not have any extra components.

If you are sure of the extent of the infestation, you might want to consider the traps that monitor and trap bugs in a single setup. Such traps may cost a little extra because of multiple applications. For example, certain traps use instigation liquids that need to be refilled some time afterward.



Overall, we’ve shown how significant it is for you to invest in a bed bug trap. You may not need to get it now; however, it is important to remember that you will not know when these pests will show up, interrupt your sleep, and attack sleeping humans. It is better to be safe than to find out that you have been bitten and already have irritated bed bugs bite marks the moment you wake up.

With that, you have a diversity of options to select from when it comes to buying a bed bug trap that would fit your home. Sure, bed bugs are pesky creatures; however, you don’t have to get any refined device or chemicals to get rid of them. You have to make the correct choice and wait for the bed bugs to show up; thus, you can get rid of them!

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Are bed bugs attracted to body heat?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: Yes.

Can glue traps catch bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: While glue traps would catch some bed bugs, they will not cure the entire invasion.

Do the bed bug traps work?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: Yes, bed bug traps do essentially work. These traps are an effective method to capture numerous bed bugs at once. So, they are the ideal tool for monitoring bed bug activity efficiently.

Does the Raid Bed Bug Detector work?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: Yes, raid bed bug detectors do work

How long do bed bugs stick around?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: Under normal conditions, these bugs can live around 4 months; however, bed bugs stick around up to 1 year in certain cases.

How long do Ortho Bed Bug Traps last?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: Each trap lasts 2 weeks.

What do bed bugs hate the most?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: Lavender creates a scent that bedbugs hate the most.

What draws bed bugs out of hiding?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: What draws bed bugs out of hiding is heat. The heat is an indicator that their favorite host is nearby. The bugs will probably stay a few meters away from the heat source and venture out while they feed.

What is the most effective bed bug trap?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: The EcoPest Bed Bug Blocker Pro Interceptors.

What is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: The high temperature of steam 212°F or 100°C instantly kills the bed bug population

Where should I place a bed bug trap?

Category: Bed Bug Traps
Ans: Slide the trap onto the furniture or bed frame leg to make the trap for use between a mattress encasement and box spring

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