The Best Fly Trap For Getting Rid of Fly Infestation in Indoor and Outdoor: A Buying Guide

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The best fly traps have different types of special designs that attract, trap, and destroy flies. Some might electrocute the flies; however, others trap them till they dehydrate or comprise poison that could kill flies. The choice of fly traps largely depends on the concentration of flies, whether it is for outdoor or indoor use, price, and your preference.

Controlling flies can appear like an impossible fight. They reproduce fast, and they are incredibly challenging to catch. You need an effective product that you could set up to catch those buggers, with slight effort on your end.

We have reviewed the best fly traps that the market has to offer. These traps use electronic zappers, sticky pads, and good old-fashioned funnels to trap and eliminate flies from the equation.


9 Best Fly Traps Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Let’s get into the list of top-rated fly traps available in the market.


Catchmaster Bug & Clear Window Fly Traps

The Catchmaster Clear Window Fly Trap is an adhesive-based product. There are two edges to this house fly trap; the less gluey surface is placed straight over the window sill. The side of the product with more adhesive is bare on your windows. This site is accessible for the bugs to make contact with. And when they make contact, they get stuck.

Catchmaster Bug & Clear Window Fly Traps- Best Fly Trap


Since this house fly trap requires to stick to your window seal, you might be thinking it will be hard getting it off. But it is not. Just a slight pull and this best flycatcher is off your window. The glue used on the side that makes contact with your window is not fairly strong sufficient, so it would not make getting rid of this indoor fly trap difficult. It speaks fine of the product’s design and the team at Atlantic Paste and Glue Co. accountable for the imaginative thought.

Several pest control companies are starting to deliver mild to those around and the atmosphere, which is the final stop for maximum substances. This indoor flytrap is one of the numerous products that have not taken the conventional pesticide method to affect every creature in the area wherever it is applied. It traps best when you need it.


  • It catches flies easily
  • Non-toxic adhesive
  • Waterproof paper
  • Disposable window trap
  • Environment friendly
  • Getting free of the used indoor fly trap is not a problem


  • If you are facing a fly invasion, a larger trap may be necessary

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RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap

For exterior applications, for example, barns, porches, and other outhouses, the Rescue Disposable Fly Trap would suit your requirements.

RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap


This flytrap is pre-baited with a fly attractant. These traps are economical to use, and once full, just dispose of them and set up a new trap. Cleaning and reusing are not a matter of hussle for this fly trap.

The fly trap is safe and non-toxic; thus, it could be employed anyplace that houses animals.

Since they are so low-priced, several can be placed to trap and free an area of flies more efficiently. These are best used outdoors or outbuilding sites, though realistically, they might be used anyplace would equal effective outcomes.


  • Very effective – pungent bait is great at attracting flies
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Uses water-soluble bait
  • No need to touch the bait, or else the flies
  • Made in the USA


  • Smelly! For outdoor use only
  • Need to have a big yard to distance the trap from the living area properly

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DynaTrap Indoor Fly Trap

Both fly traps we have looked at so far are perfect for handling an outside fly problem. However, what if your fly issue is indoors in its place?

DynaTrap Indoor Fly Trap


The DynaTrap Fly Trap was made for indoor use, and it uses no pesticides and chemicals. To install the electric fly trap, plug in the trap to a power outlet, and the warm UV light would fascinate flies. The flies convert stuck in the nontoxic StickyTech glue card attached toward the machine. It has 600 sq. ft. of coverage.

It is a perfect indoor trap since there are no harsh chemicals, odors, or even distracting lights.


  • Non-toxic as well as no odor
  • 600 sq. ft. radius
  • Extremely effective – entices flies and traps them in the adhesive card
  • Easy setup – attach glue card plus plugin


  • Need to replace glue cards and light when run out
  • Comparatively costly compared to some other options

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Faicuk WS108 Wall Sconce Fly Light Trap

We highly commend replacing your fly zapper with a fly light trap not only in your house but also particularly in sensitive regions like stores, supermarkets, restaurants, offices, kitchens, etc.

Faicuk WS108 Wall Sconce Fly Light Trap


Faicuk Fly Traps are elegantly designed mess-free products designed at trapping and ultimately killing flies noiselessly and effectively. Each pack comprises 6 glue boards. These fly traps are nontoxic.

It has an exclusive internal reflective coating that boosts the UV light produced by the Philip bulb up to triple times, upsurges the cover area (900 sq. ft.), and confirms better daytime performance. It attracts flies and flying insects with its distinctive violet light. Then, it catches them on the special glue boards, slays them softly, plus no more irritating popping noise.

This fly light trap is a great product you could place on every house wall to get free of annoying flies and other flying insects. It works its best while there is little competing light, plus it draws the flies right in; however, the flies are required to go. This fly trap essentially looks pretty good, like an attractive wall lamp serves as a goodnight light too.


  • Clear design so you will know when it is working!
  • Work in quietness, no popping sound
  • Safe for use at the workplace, in all home regions, kids, pets, and food.
  • Effective light trap
  • Concern free warranty
  • Attractive light


  • It could be used indoors only
  • Requires electrical socket nearby

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Victor M380 Fly Magnet- Reusable Trap with Bait

The Pennsylvanian company that has created the mousetrap as we know it is still king. At the same time, it comes to extinguishing adversary animals. The recyclable trap by Victor reminds a lamp of a street lamp; however, it contains a bait inside rather than the lamp. Even its white color is supposed to entice bugs in the dark.

Victor M380 Fly Magnet- Reusable Trap with Bait


This Fly Magnet- Reusable Trap could become a component of your exterior design. It can be located where you want the flies to vanish, but the precise location is up to you. It is recommended to place it at least 18 inches high.

You could even redesign it a bit. It’s a multi-use one, and it is enough to dump it once it gets complete with flies. Luckily, you will not have to do it often.

It’s not toxic, so recharging it with new bait and water is not dangerous. Still, you better keep it safe from kids. So hang it high sufficient and enjoy one of the finest fly traps outdoors.


  • Nontoxic
  • Looks like a design element
  • Multi-use
  • Very affordable
  • Variable volume


  • Needs to be recharged manually
  • It might attract more flies than you had before

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Farnam Home and Garden 14680 Starbar Captivator Fly Trap

Starbar manufactures both captivator devices and attractants you require for them to work. It looks like a glass jar with a precise cap, very casually looking. This outdoor fly trap reminds us of the 1980s to look great amongst other remnants of the last century.

Farnam Home and Garden 14680 Starbar Captivator Fly Trap


To use it, put the contents of one attractor zip into it, add water, close it with the unique cap, and pull it up to open holes. The fruit flies would smell the attractant, fly in, and never discover the way out. After the jar is complete (or the attractant appears to stop working), just empty the jar and then refill it.

The attractant produces an odor that might seem unattractive; thus, this one is rather for the places wherever you rarely get into, like garbage containers, farms, backyards, and so on. It does not require to be bared every day, which is a bonus for use cases like this.


  • Truly big
  • Reusable and can be refilled
  • Effectively entices flies
  • Needs little attention while setting up


  • Strong smell
  • The attractant is bought individually

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Kensizer Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps for Indoor and Outdoor

These yellow sticky traps do not look as beautiful as their colleagues made by Trappify. They are just quadrilateral sheets of 6*8 inches, protected with sticky matter and meant to attract flies. When an insect touches the surface, it gets trapped.

Kensizer Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps for Indoor and Outdoor


The vendor is based in California, plus they must know how to deal with these creatures summoned by warmth! However, being designed to catch small bugs, these are unusable against consistent house flies. The glue isn’t robust enough for them; thus, if your main problem is to get free of house flies, you better look for something precise to take care of them.

These traps could be ordered in 10, 20, or 30-piece packs. If you have a big lawn or a greenhouse, you will probably need lots of these.


  • Good against bugs in gardens plus greenhouses
  • Attract bugs with odor and color
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Wide packing alternatives
  • Designed for the USA


  • Not intended for catching house flies

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Moskila Indoor Electronic Plug-in Bug Zapper & Fruit Fly Trap

Traditionally, bug zappers are fairly big devices that take up a lot of space plus buzz quite noisily. But the Moskila Indoor Electronic Bug Zapper is different. It works similarly to full-size appliances; however, it is much more compacted and could be plugged into the outlet next to your bed. If you are tired of combat flies and ticks, this model will be a genuine godsend for you.

Moskila Indoor Electronic Plug-in Bug Zapper & Fruit Fly Trap


The device is compatible with any power outlet. The unit is adequate for use in areas of 300 square feet. If you require to kill insects in numerous rooms at once, it is better to purchase several devices. It is very silent and has a night mode so that its bright light does not annoy you.

It uses an LED lamp that releases ultraviolet light to entice flying insects and an electric charge to kill them. As it kills on straight contact, it is certainly effective against several flying insects. It is non-poisonous and safe for pets and people. The upper grill consistently protects against accidental contact and electric shock.

The fruit fly trap is user-friendly; you just need to plug it into an outlet wherever you want and press its power button. But it should be frequently cleaned of bugs that collect in a special section. The item has a brush for easy cleaning of a grill from flies plus mosquitoes.


  • Compacted design
  • Entirely silent
  • Eco-friendly
  • A brush is incorporated
  • Easy to clean


  • Lesser coverage area
  • It could not be used outside

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TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap

Since it was founded in 1917, Terro has been a household brand when it comes to pest management. The Lititz, Pennsylvania-based pest control firm is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. This contains fluid ant poison, aerosol propellants and perimeter treatments for your company.

TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap


Halt flies in its tracks with the Terro T518 Fly Magnet 8-pack! This fly trap does not require the use of bait to attract or catch flies. There is no odor or mess. The ribbon design makes it simple to use. Fly Magnets are available in cardboard tubes with an adhesive surface that may be exposed by twisting the tube. To make installation as simple as possible, each tube comes with a suspending ribbon and thumbtack. Hanging in the back corner and in quiet, non-windy places will yield the greatest results. They’re also easy to dispose of. Toss the trap in the garbage when it’s full of rubbish. Fly paper tubes are included.

Traps house flies and kills them in one go with the TERRO T518 Fly Magnet. Even the most stubborn house flies can be enticed by the many baits found in each trap.

For huge insects, the device’s adhesives are strong enough to trap them without harming them.

To draw and kill flies, position the trap on both edges of windows, doorways, garbage cans, and dumpster at your house or office.

There are no harmful chemicals in the TERRO T518 Fly Magnet. It is also simple to use. Fly paper is a no-bait, no-scent trap for flies.

An integrated fly attractant makes this trap effective in as little as a few minutes after it is set up.

It’s a fly trap that kills, traps, and lures flies on the spot. TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Flies are attracted to and held in place by a strip of sticky material on one side, and then transported to a chamber wherein they dry and die.

The non-toxic glue is safe to use in and around preparation areas because of the grooves on the sticky surface.


  • Non toxic
  • Odorless and safe
  • No harmful chemicals used, safe for kids
  • Lures in the fly and other insects


  • A bit hard to attach

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Best Fly Trap Buying Guide

The fly trap products on the marketplace can overwhelm purchasers, so it aids to have an idea of what you need beforehand you choose on one. Some products do not give an effective solution. Still, others are very effective at maintaining a no-fly zone over your picnics and kitchen.

Here are some things to search for in the fly traps.


Trap style

Traps come in two key styles—container traps and sticky traps. Sticky traps need a fly to land straight on the sticky material, which might catch other debris and need to be substituted more often. Container traps attract flies in with bait and make it incredible for them to leave. Some container traps are refillable with bait refills, while others must be thrown out when full.


Bait kind

Most traps, even sticky ones, use several kinds of bait to attract flies close enough to trap. Disposable traps might come with bait already in place to make setting up easier; however, reusable containers will likely need additional bait after the first use.



Depending on your fly problem, you will either want indoor or outdoor traps. Indoor traps will be smaller and more focused on design; thus, you don’t have to stare at dead flies inside your home. Outside traps will have a bigger capacity, which means they might only need to be substituted a couple of times a season.



It is critical to think about the safety of the style of the fruit fly trap you use. If you have kids or pets, you cannot put safety concerns on the back burner.

If you are determined to use chemical traps, you must hang them high enough so that a child, dog, cat, or even livestock cannot get to them. The chemicals are planned to kill bugs and just are not safe for human otherwise animal contact.

For plugin outdoor zappers also traps, plugging them into a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet verifies safest. In rain or water, a GFCI could trip while it detects a surge, shutting the outlet and attached devices down and keeping everybody safe.



We want to make certain that you make a safe choice. It is why all the products we selected are safe and effective solutions. If you choose to do more study on your own, be cautious of any products that use harsh chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides. These products won’t be ecologically conscious, and they moreover will not be safe for you.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of safe alternatives, counting all the products we stated above!


Radius of Effectiveness

You moreover want to pay careful attention to the radius of efficacy for your trap. Usually, this radius would be marked in terms of square feet. It decides basically how effective your trap would be.

Normally speaking, traps that use UV light have a bigger radius since the bugs can view it from a distance. Though, these are, moreover, quite a bit more diverting and need electricity to run.



Here is a factor that sometimes does not get considered. Simply put, there is a reason that several fly traps advertise themselves as ‘outside only’. Non-poisonous baits tend to use fermented materials that have a strong scent. They are meant to be positioned away from your living space. Both to draw bugs out, but also thus the scent is not distracting.

If you need a bug trap without a strong odor, consider electric zappers; otherwise, fly traps that use sticky glue.


Product Variety

As you might have collected from our list, there are numerous variants of this popular product, from electric zappers to adhesive glue surfaces to bait traps, plus more. Each of these product variations touts its mixture of functionality.

Some are more suitable for specific problems, and some are more suitable for indoor vs. outdoor use. The brand is also very important.

Your best bet is first to choose wherever you want to put the trap. Determine your problem part, and purchase a trap that is suitable for that purpose. For instance, if your issue is indoor, you will not want a fruit fly trap with a stink.



And last but not least, price. Price is a practical consideration in anything you purchase. For a fly trap, consider not only the up-front price but how frequently you need to substitute the trap. It will aid you in determining the best overall price of your investment.


Trapping Design or Mechanism

The design and idea of the fly trapper are fairly basic, which is to attract flies and make sure that these do not escape the device till the end of their life cycle.

It is important to select a design or trap mechanism that attracts flies efficiently and keeps the bugs inside till they die. You can choose a sticky pad otherwise glue board, while others have electronic features plus attractants.


Disposal and maintenance

Disposing of the fly trapper is a significant part of using this device; however, this must not take too much time nor be a chaotic business. Thus, select easy and fast products to dispose of or use reusable trappers that do not need regular or frequent cleaning and maintenance would kill much of your time.


Ease of Use

The simpler you make your way to trap flies, the more likely you will succeed with it. Complex traps and chemical mixtures might turn you off to the procedure altogether, so think about the maintenance and cleaning process of the fly trap you select.

Electronic models that could hang on a nail or screw, otherwise sit on a tabletop, would start trapping bugs. Some even forgo an on-off switch. All they require is the power source, and they will set about their work automatically.

If you are using another fly trap technique, it’s worth checking how users set it up. Traps that need a lot of fiddling with trap doors, chemicals, plus complex hanging methods can upset users even if the traps work fine.



There are numerous different fly traps presently available on the market with apparently offensive claims. The few described in this review have decent qualities with many positive comments about most of them.

However, the best fly trap would be not only cost-effective with slight or no design flaws but also faultless for your condition. So, we think this article gave you an idea of what kind of fly trap you are searching for and which type is best for your home, otherwise outdoor space. Also, you can write to us for more information and suggestions (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).



How do I get free of fruit flies in my house?

Category: Fly Trap
Ans: Housefly invasions are not just a nuisance. They can moreover be dangerous to your health. By keeping your house clean — particularly free from food waste — you could help prevent a housefly invasion.

If an infestation does arise, there are many natural and trapping approaches to try.

What bait works well for a homemade fly trap?

Category: Fly Trap
Ans: Sugar, honey, syrup, and old fruit work flawlessly to entice in the flies. For instance, a cheap and easy fly trap bait is a bit of sugar in water. Moreover, you can use apple cider vinegar, old wine, in addition to even rotting foods similar to fish or shrimp.

What do I need to consider before buying Fly Traps?

Category: Fly Trap
Ans: The best fly traps entice and then trap or kill flies; thus, they cannot escape and breed. You need to consider several factors related to fly traps: trap style, bait kind, effectiveness, smell, trapping mechanism, etc.

We looked at the efficiency of trapping design or else mechanism for top fly traps. We moreover considered safety, particularly when traps use chemicals. Ease of use is significant, and this covers a product’s setup, refilling otherwise reuse, and ease of cleaning.

What is the best fly trap for indoor?

Category: Fly Trap
Ans: The DynaTrap Indoor Fly Trap is one of the best indoor fly traps around. The DynaTrap Fly Trap works by enticing flying insects with UV light. When the unsuspecting pesky pests have flown close to the light, they are sucked in with the strong airflow from the deceptively quiet fan. And deposited on an adhesive sheet inside. The DynaTrap uses gluey sheets, which are easy and mess-free to replace.

What is the most effective fly trap?

Category: Fly Trap
Ans: Adhesive Traps are good for inside the barn since they will get the flies already there but not bring more in. Sticky Traps work precisely how their name indicates. They are sticky, so flies (and other not-so-fortunate bugs) land on the trap they are trapped and cannot fly away.

Which fly trap is the best for outdoor use?

Category: Fly Trap
Ans: Outdoor fly traps have features that work finest to trap flies outdoor the house or shops such as courtyards, patios, garage, otherwise shop setting. They could typically hold a lot of dead flies, and several of them are reusable.

Maximum outdoor fly traps comprise chemicals or fluids that could make the indoors chaotic. These chemicals have an odor that entices the flies and kills them when they have consumed the fluid or have exhausted themselves inside the trap.

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