Best Fruit Fly Traps To Catch Fruit Flies Comfortably – A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Fruit Fly Traps featured

Fruit fly traps are a well-known pest control method to homeowners since fruit flies are a much-known pest problem in any home. Though they are small flying insects, they could do a lot of damage to your garden foliage, potted plants and could abolish your fruit trees.

Whether this is a few fruit flies that are creeping in among your plants or a swarm that is soaring over your fruit bowl on your living room table, fruit flies could make your life a misery.

A fruit fly trap is typically placed or hung in the house or the garden. The incorporated liquid or the adhesive pad wonderfully attracts the small pests and confirms that the pests vanish.


Best Fruit Fly Traps Reviewed – Our Top Picks

These are the most effective fruit fly traps available in the market. Let’s take a look.


Kensizer Dual-Sided Sticky Traps

Forget about spraying hurtful insecticides on your fruit trees in your orchard or on the budding strawberries in your courtyard; the Kensizer Dual-Sided Sticky Traps will keep damaging fruit flies away from your valued plants.

Kensizer Dual-Sided Sticky Traps- Best Fruit Fly Traps


These big, long-term dual-sided sticky traps have plenty of room for trapping a wide diversity of crop pests: aphids, fruit flies, leaf miners, thrips, whiteflies, fungus gnats, black flies, midges, mosquitoes, as well as other flying pests. Each trap covers a region of 25 sq. ft. And the glue lasts for 2 to 3 months or until the trap is covered in bugs.

The traps are bright yellow and coated by an extra-strong adhesive; they act as irresistible bait to fruit-loving bugs. Once bugs land on the traps, they would be well and correctly stuck.

You can furthermore cut the traps up into small pieces and use them to protect your tinier houseplants.

Safe for humans and the atmosphere, the Kensizer sticky traps are waterproof, non-toxic, and sunproof; thus, they will never dry out.

Easy to use, the traps have wire twist ties so that you can attach the traps to the branches of trees, near the porch light, or on fences. You could even attach the traps on a stick (not comprised) and place them in the ground around plants in the orchard, garden, or pots for trees or other big plants.

You can select from a 10, 20, or 30-pack. You can get rid of flies. Buy this from affiliated sites


  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor plants
  • Particularly designed for fruit flies, leaf miners, fungus gnats, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, midges, black flies, mosquitoes, as well as other flying insects
  • Each trap covers a region of 25-square-feet
  • The bright yellow color is enticing to insects
  • Extra strong, sunproof, and waterproof, as well as long-lasting glue
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • It can be attached to a stick as well as placed into the ground


  • Glue is untidy to work with
  • Sticks are not incorporated

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RSVP Endurance Fruit Fly Trap 

Have fruit flies become a trouble to you, and you are seeking a way to remove them entirely finally? This trap can help you keep these bugs away from your place. The trap is pretty, and it is easy to use. All you require to do is to add a mix of vinegar to a cup. The flies will be fascinated by the cup and will enter over few holes.

RSVP Endurance Fruit Fly Trap


The product is safe for use. To confirm that it functions properly, place it near your fruits to ensure there are no pests around them. Empty and refill the can periodically to improve its efficiency.

The trap is charmingly designed, and the trap works proficiently. No one would notice that you are using it if you do not tell them. It is moreover made of stainless steel, which makes it sturdy. Within no time, the kitchen flies, for example, house flies or gnats, drain flies, and the fruit flies are removed. So, you have the warranty that you are using an effective trap. It furthermore comes with clear instructions on how to use it. This fruit fly trap is a great alternative.


  • Can efficiently deal with several insect types
  • It is affordable
  • Attractively designed
  • Safe and easy to use


  • You have to refill it often to be operative

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Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly And Gnat Trap Yellow Sticky Bug Trap

 It is the product you should purchase if you are seeking suitably and safety. It is sold with 25 disposable adhesive traps. The product is effective for diverse insects, including fruit flies, whiteflies, gnats, and mosquitoes. Buying it is cost-effective as you deal with numerous insects by using one product.

Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly And Gnat Trap Yellow Sticky Bug Trap


The efficiency of the traps is determined by the number of products you use. The fly trap is placed in tactical locations. Several users select places, for example, gardens, kitchen counters, kitchen tops, open windows, and near a plant. It will help if you not concern about how to place the trap since it has a hook. The hook allows you to expediently hang the trap on the selected location, counting walls and other regions.

This brand uses extra-strong adhesive material that might capture these noteworthy bugs efficiently. Also, the fruit fly killer is designed smartly. You can use it in both fresh outdoor air or indoor location.

Whether you have a kid or a pet, you could still use the trap without the concerns of negative effects. The trap is 100% safe and functioning in any place.

There are modern versions of the trap that are even better. For example, they are resistant to UV light as well as water. As such, you could use it in an open location. Accordingly, they can trap these pests for long without their efficiency wearing out.


  • It is effective for a diversity of insects
  • More flies can be trapped because of a double-sided design
  • Made of strong glue material which is effective for flies
  • It is non-toxic


  • The glue could easily stick to your hand

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Garsum Fruit Fly Traps

As well as being tremendously great value for money, these big 48-pack Garsum Fruit Fly Traps are very effective at trapping and removing any fruit flies from your valuable plants. These bright yellow double-sided sticky traps would attract and trap any innocent fruit fly that dares to invade your home to abolish your plants or feast on your small bowl.

Garsum Fruit Fly Traps


Just place a few traps in the soil for a fruit fly-free atmosphere, and the cute butterfly and flower-shaped designs make these traps a beautiful addition to any flower pot.

The ecological fly killer traps are perfect for indoor use and organic gardening. They are enclosed in non-toxic and unscented sticky glue that traps the fruit flies and other small insects.

Each trap is prepared from strong UV-resistant and waterproof material. It is only when they are covered in bugs that you would need to substitute them. The pointy-shaped base could be easily placed into the soil of indoor or outdoor plants. Garsum also offers the traps in a 12-piece pack, a 24-piece pack, and a digging tool is incorporated.

Though the glue is non-toxic, it is very gluey and if you get some on your hands, eliminate it with some vegetable oil and then wash your hands with warm water and few drops of dish soap. You can get rid of flies.


  • Tremendously good value for money
  • Very effective trap
  • Particularly designed for indoor plants
  • It could be placed in the soil or hung from branches
  • Beautiful butterfly and flower-shaped designs
  • Non-toxic as well as odor-free


  • Not very effective for outside fly control

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Safer Brand Fly Magnet Fly Trap

The Magnet will entice fruit flies to their death trap – literally speaking. It features combined, non-poisonous bait whose work is to attract house insects. More precisely, this thing has a white, diamond-shaped lid to entice as many flies as possible. Tucked inside is a bait bag that confirms insects don’t leave when they get stuck.

Safer Brand Fly Magnet Fly Trap


The Fly Magnet lasts for hours, constantly catching fruit flies round the clock. We love the big, removable container. Fundamentally, this permits you to hold bugs for a couple of days before voiding. It is vital to mention, though, that you’ll have to trigger the bait at least 24 hours beforehand, positioning the Magnet to clasp flies. Furthermore, place the trap at least 10 feet from the wall for preferred results. To top it off, this unit is accessible in one and two-pack choices and three refill packets (sold individually). Those that have used Fly Magnet call it a great reusable trap, and we could not agree more. Be definite to check it out – you would be glad that you did.


  • Strong bait and white lid to entice flies
  • Safe around kids and pets
  • Very effective at enticing flies
  • Dump jar contents and replace bait packet to reuse


  • Requires refill with novel bait, not for squeamish users
  • Suitable for outside use, smelly for indoors

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KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap 

Unlike other glue traps, Katchy uses UV light to bring the fruit flies nearer. As soon as the fly approaches the light, they are fascinated by a fan. The bugs are pulled to a board made of glue as well as get caught. There is no means for the flies to escape afterward they have been attracted.

KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: the Best Fruit Fly Bait


This fruit fly trap is very powerful while it comes to handling flies, eggs. Is it safe to use? Yes. You could use it even if you have children or pets without damaging any of them. So, this is a trap that you could buy without second thoughts while it comes to safety. Furthermore, it is unscented, and you have the liberty to place it at the position of your choice.

There are numerous places you could place this fly trap at home to confirm you get maximum outcomes from it. These places are the area around the garage, bedroom, or kitchen. It can furthermore be used in the workplace.

The unit is created of a fan that requires to function. Adjusting this to your wall socket makes it function. Instead, you can use a power bank to function it. A USB source of power could also work.

The wavelength of UV light ranges between 360 nm and 390 nm. One of these traps could work effectively inside an area of around 330 sq. feet. Moreover, the company offers you a 1-year repayment in case the trap is ineffective.

As a buyer, you have liberty when using this product. For example, there is an “Automatic” mode that you could set so that the trap goes on when the flies come. With that mode, the traps only work when needed. You can get rid of flies and eggs.


  • Effective in the eradication of fruit flies as it uses a fan
  • Two modes to select, manual and automatic
  • It has many glue pads
  • Also work in areas with no electricity, for example, cabins or other surrounded spaces


  • It might be less efficient for fungus gnats

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TERRO T2502 Ready-to-Use Indoor Fruit Fly Trap

Terro Fruit Fly traps employ a liquid bait to attract annoying fruit flies, which are then captured. The flies can’t get out of the traps, preventing them from reproducing and causing a pest problem. Unlike other fly remedies, these traps are safe to put on kitchen counters since it is non-toxic and come in the shape of an apple.

TERRO T2502 Ready-to-Use Indoor Fruit Fly Trap


Incredibly simple to operate, the Terro traps To begin with, you’ll want to pay attention to wherever the fruit flies congregate. Traps work best in areas where you are most likely to encounter them. The fruit bowls and the areas around the waste bins are typical candidates for this rule of thumb. 1/2 of the bait container should be used to set the trap.

When they saw a large quantity of fruit flies, several reviewers utilized both traps at the same time. When all the traps have been baited with the bait, set them near the trouble areas. Adult fruit flies will be attracted to the fly traps, preventing them from breeding and reproducing.

Using an apple cider vinegar-scented liquid as the bait, fruit flies are drawn to the trap. Use in the cooking area is safe because it is non-toxic. You don’t have to be concerned about harmful chemicals or toxins. If you accidentally spill any of the bait, just use warm water and dishwashing soap to clean it up. The traps are made of plastic and come in the shape of an apple, which attracts flies and is also visually appealing.

For houses with dogs and children, Terro Fruit Fly Traps are an excellent choice. It’s safe to use in any kitchen since they have no chemicals, toxins, or pesticides in it. An apple cider vinegar-like material is used to make the bait. Flies are drawn in by the bait and not killed by it. When the flies get inside, they are submerged and are impossible to get out.

Once set up, Terro Fruit Fly Traps get to work immediately. The attractant is ready to use immediately. If the trap hasn’t collected any fruit flies after several hours, consider shifting the baits to a location wherever fruit flies are more likely to be found. When left to their own devices, traps are at their most effective. Stall the efficacy by upsetting the traps and scaring away the insects.


  • Incredibly simple to operate
  • Terro Fruit Fly Traps get to work immediately
  • Safe for dogs and children
  • no chemicals, toxins, or pesticides in it


  • Has a hard time with heavy infestation

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Choosing The Most Effective Fruit Fly Trap- Buying Guide

Do not go shopping before you know which features are most significant in a fruit fly trap to avoid selecting a product that might work great for roaches or spiders but, nothing to do with fruit flies.


Type and Elements

Fruit fly traps could be split into four elementary categories: sticky, electronic, physical, and natural traps.

Sticky Traps are small and, noticeably, sticky. These are supposed to be set inside the plant pots. All flying bugs hide in the flowers or fruit trees in the orchard stick to the tape.

An electric trap is a UV device that could eliminate flying insects and exterminate microbes. Sticky sheets could be found inside the one trap that collects the microbes in the room.


Liquid protein traps

Liquid protein traps could be used in some cases to check pest-free regions, but their foremost use is to capture female fruit flies. They target the lady fruit flies ‘ need to feed on protein to develop their eggs to maturity. Using a protein attractant, lately emerged female fruit fly would enter the trap, get trapped, and ultimately drown. There is a range of various traps and lures, which is also likely to make these at home. The only shortcoming of liquid protein traps is that they tend to have a restricted range of attraction. Usually, these traps would be placed at a 5m interval around the boundary of an orchard.


Physical Trap

Physical traps might resemble overripe fruit or other stuff so that you could place them near problem places without drawing courtesy from your guests. The trap would usually contain a liquid bait that entices the fruit flies over narrow channels. When inside the trap, the fruit flies could not escape eating or reproduce.

Natural fruit fly trap uses all-natural products to efficiently handle the fly invasion so that you will not have to concern about hazardous toxins or chemicals being openly accessible to children and pets.



One of the least desired features of fly traps is the few times a year you will have to roll up your sleeve and void the tray, substitute the sticky strip, or throw out a wet bag complete of dead flies. The cleaner and simpler the design creates this step, the better off you will be.

Look for products that are easy to refill or dispose of. For electronic models, having a detachable tray makes discarding the waste simpler than eliminating the entire device and dumping it over trash cans.

If you want an immediate solution, consider buying disposable, non-reusable traps that you could throw away without any untidy trap doors or leaky joints. Quality disposable products make this procedure a focus of their design.


Location or Placement

Determining wherever to place your fruit fly traps could also help you decide what kind of trap you want to use. Fruit flies can rapidly invade your home and take over various locations, turning them into breeding regions. These locations are usually dark and damp with accessible food sources. This can contain appliances, drains, garbage, compost, bathrooms, recycling, and even your pantry. To efficiently deal with your invasion problem, you should note where you have seen the maximum frequency of fruit flies. And treat these areas with suitable fly traps. Traps are most efficient when placed near fruit flies breeding sites, such as drains, dishwashers, kitchen counters, garbage disposals, and fruit bowls.



Fruit fly traps could come with various application approaches, counting stakes, fake-item traps, hanging traps, and ground traps.

Countertop traps sit out on the counter nearby the infested area. This style is very convenient since traps can be placed on almost any flat, clean surface.

Hanging traps would be suspended from a hook, drawer pull, or another protruding element. They might not be the greatest choice for kitchenette use since they might get in the way of cooking, cleaning, and straightening. They are a better alternative for an invasion on a patio or another region that is lower traffic than the kitchenette.

Staked traps must be poked into the soil, houseplants, or additional soft material that permits them to stand. They are more suitable indoors than hanging traps, particularly indoor house plants, to hold the stakes upright.



When you are seeking a trap to aid you in solving your fruit fly problem, you might also need to deal with other irritating insects, like mosquitoes, flies, or moths. The versatility of the trap refers to its capability to efficiently treat other insects and fruit flies. Suppose you plan to use these traps for more than one kind of infestation. In that case, you require to check the manufacturer’s commendation to confirm that the trap has the competency to handle your variety of pests.

For example, a physical trap containing a fruit fly would not likely work with a steady housefly since the size difference between the two bugs is too great. A sticky hanging trap might have a strong enough glue to capture fruit flies, houseflies, and even horse flies.



It’s vital to consider the safety of the stylishness of the flytrap you use. If you have pets or kids, you cannot overlook safety considerations.

If you use chemical trap fruit flies, you must hang them high sufficient so that a kid, dog, cat, or even livestock cannot get to them. The chemicals are envisioned to killing fruit flies and are not safe for human or animal contact.



Fruit flies can irritate to maintain a clean, healthy home, but luckily they can rapidly and safely be eliminated using DIY fruit fly traps or store-bought fruit fly traps.

Use the traps to exterminate pesky fruit flies or to help in their prevention. Soon you will have a kitchen free of these pests, and you will be able to focus on what certainly matters with your family. You can write to us for more information and suggestions (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).



And what is Fruit flies life cycle?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: Fruit flies experience three stages of development before evolving as adults: egg, larva, and pupa.

ACan I make a fruit fly trap with fruit juice such as apple cider vinegar?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: Yes.

ACan I make a fruit fly trap with red wine vinegar?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: Yes, you can make a fruit fly trap with red wine vinegar

ACan I use bleach to kill fruit flies?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: As bleach does not coat the pipes, it would not kill the flies.

How long does fruit fly invasion last?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: While a fruit fly’s lifespan could vary extensively based on environmental circumstances, Baldwin says two to four weeks is a decent rule of thumb. Though, your fruit fly problem will not go away when the adult flies die away.

How to make a homemade bed bug trap?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: Put 1/4 cup of sugar into the bottle and then about 3 inches of the sugar or yeast solution. Put extra solution into the fridge.

Is the Terro fruit fly trap effective?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: Yes. It is effective

What fruits are attracting fruit flies the most?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: Tomatoes, squash, grapes, melons, and other rotting fruit and fresh fruit brought in from the orchard are often reasons for an invasion developing indoors. Moreover, fruit flies are attracted to rotting produce, bananas, onions, potatoes, sweet smells, and other unrefrigerated produce bought at the grocery store. Gnats tend to attract to fruits

What is the fastest effective method to get rid of fruit flies?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: Pour boiling white vinegar or boiling water into drains with a metal lid. It is a simple method to get rid of fruit flies fast

What is the most effective fruit fly trap?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: Apple Cider Vinegar Bottle Trap, stale beer, and wine are the most effective homemade and DIY fruit fly traps. Cover the topmost of the glass or Mason jar with plastic wrap and rubber band and secure in place. Fruit flies feel attracted to the apple cider vinegar smell and make their way inside wherever they will not get out. You can also use paper cone trap fruit fly as homemade traps.

What kind of flies are in dish soap?

Category: Fruit Fly Traps
Ans: Fruit flies would fall into a baby food jar or a small, narrow glass container half full with apple cider vinegar as well as a spoonful of liquid dish soap. The dish soap cuts the vinegar’s surface tension. This is called a dish soap trap

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