Ortho Bed Bug Trap Review: The Best Bed Bug Trap to Help You Wake up Well-Rested in the Morning

Ortho Bed Bug Trap Review

Nothing is healthier to both the mind and the body than a good night’s rest. It is not without cause that the old proverb “don’t let the bed bugs bite” has gained widespread popularity. When you have these blood-sucking creepy crawlies in your bed, sleeping becomes an agony.

There are several warning indications that signal you may have a bed bug infestation: itchy, stinging welts on your skin, brown spots on your bed linen, and a moldy smell in your room. However, until you find the bugs in the act, you won’t be able to tell for sure if they are present. Due to the fact that these bugs only venture out at night, it can be hard to locate them.  Fortunately, there are bed bug traps that are specifically intended to capture bed bugs.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Ortho Bed Insect Trap, which is one of the best-selling bed bug traps on Amazon. When used properly, this trap can be very helpful to identify and trap bed bugs in your home or while traveling, and it does so without the use of hazardous, odorous insecticides.



Ortho believes that keeping your home free of pests is a top priority. It does, however, acknowledge the significance of environmental preservation. Ortho’s mission is to make the world a better place for all living things, and part of that goal is to assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle both in and out of nature. Your property’s pest management needs are Ortho’s first concern, and it promises to provide you with the best quality product to ensure that.

The Ortho Bed Bug Trap is three times more powerful than the company’s prior bed bug trap products, and it can help determine whether or not bed bugs are in the home. Bed bugs are attracted to the lure for up to two weeks. This bed bug trap can detect bed bugs and begin treatment as soon as they are discovered. This is the first phase of the Ortho bed bug solution system, which consists of three steps.

Let’s get into the details.


Ortho Bed Bug Trap



Understanding the different types of bed bug traps available to buy will help you in identifying the right product more quickly, as well as potentially saving you money. Active bed insect traps and passive bed bug traps are the two major types of bed bug traps commonly used.

The Ortho Bed Bug Trap is an active trap that seeks out bed bugs. It is equipped with a lure system. This system can direct the bugs to the trap. When they go inside, the bugs are packed up for the rest of their lives since the traps contain strong adhesives.



Bed bug traps come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some are oval-shaped, while others are rectangular, round, and so on. Even though most bed bug traps are small, you should check to see if they will fit in your bed before making purchases.

The Ortho Bed Bug Trap is available in a rectangular form. The traps measure 2.88 inches X 5.38 inches X 8.69 inches. Ortho suggests that you use two traps at the same time for the best results.



Bed bug outbreaks can be extremely difficult to control if they are not discovered in the early stages. Planning and patience are required, even when using bed insect traps, to complete the process successfully. You should opt for bed bug traps that will last for an extended period of time, allowing you to complete the elimination process.

The Ortho Bed Bug Traps that use lures will draw bed bugs for up to two weeks before their strength diminishes significantly.


Where to Use

The Ortho Bed Bug Trap is a fantastic tool to have around the house or when traveling. The best location to use it is close to a person’s head while they are sleeping. Positioning these traps near the bed’s headboard or the legs that support the headboard is also an excellent option.

The Ortho Bed Bug Traps should be placed between the mattress and box spring, across all of the bed frame’s legs, and near other areas where people commonly sit, such as sofas, recliners, and other furniture.

In a hotel, you can use the Ortho Bed Bug Traps to identify the presence of bed bugs.   If you spot that you have bed bugs, do not attempt to fix yourself. Please contact property management as soon as possible. Please keep in mind to always dispose of the trap when checking out of the hotel.


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The Lure

Traps perform significantly better when a lure is used. Carbon dioxide, pheromones, and heat are the most common types of lures used by manufacturers.

The Ortho Bed Bug Trap is a traditional active bed bug trap that attracts and traps bed bugs using pheromones and adhesive. To utilize the lure, you’ll need to peel the paper off a glue card and stick it to the base of the trap.


Ease of Use

Your bed bug trap should be simple to operate and adequate for the task at hand. If it has intricate pieces or components that are likely to break or spill, it should not be used. Furthermore, you should search for traps that are easy to put up and quick to dispose of bugs. The trap should be put up and installed in a matter of seconds at the very least.

The Ortho Bed Bug Trap is an easy and rapid set-up method that anyone can do. To trigger the trap, hit the large button on the side of the trap. When the trap is activated, you will be able to notice a faint scent emanating from it. After that, just put it in a convenient location, and you’re set to go. Give 48 hours for the best possible outcomes.

Strip away the window seal to check for bed bugs as a way of keeping track of progress. If bed bugs are found, push down on the view window until the apparatus closes, place the trap in a zipped bag and toss it in the trash.


Price and Guarantee

Getting two Ortho Bed Bug Traps for less than $20 is a good deal when you consider how effective they are. The use of two traps at the same time boosts the effectiveness of the procedure. You can, however, utilize them separately to cover four weeks.

As soon as bed bugs are discovered, you can start a treatment plan immediately by following the second and third steps of the Ortho Home Defense Max bed bug solution system as a more radical approach.

Upon receiving and utilizing the Ortho Bed Bug Trap, if you are not completely happy for any reason, you have the right to request a refund. Simply submit proof of purchase to Ortho, and they will issue a refund check to you as soon as possible.



With the Ortho Bed Bug Trap, you can effectively combat bed bug infestations at home or while traveling without the use of potentially dangerous pesticides. Indeed, this two-pack of bed bug traps will not kill bed bugs, but it does act as an excellent early screening system by catching any bed bugs that chance to pass through it.

These traps will keep you safe for up to two weeks. As a result of its modest size, it is a good choice for packing in a bag when checking hotel rooms for bed bugs. The traps are also used to determine whether or not users have successfully resolved a bed bug infestation after treating the room.

Our detailed buying guide will give you more information about other fantastic bed bug traps and how to select the most appropriate trap for your needs.


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