Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer Review: The Best Bed Bug Spray to Have a Pest-Free Home

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer Review

Bed bugs are small creepy-crawlies that feed on the blood of humans and other animals. Their bites create itchy bumps to appear on the skin. When you discover a bed bug infestation, you must choose the best bed bug spray to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. It’s all about getting a good night’s sleep.

There are a plethora of bed bug sprays available on the market, but not all of them are created equal in terms of effectiveness. As a result, you must proceed with caution while selecting the product that will be used to eliminate bed bugs.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer, which is one of the best-selling bed bug sprays available on the market. Featuring a battery-operated wand that enables continuous spraying around baseboards and the corners of mattresses, this bed bug spray is also efficient at repelling fleas and ticks.



Ortho feels that securing your house from harmful insects is extremely important. However, it recognizes the importance of protecting the natural environment as well. It seeks a greener world that enriches all life forms, and it makes it a mission to support you in living a healthy lifestyle in and out of the natural environment. Ortho strives to provide solutions for a comprehensive approach to pest control in and around your property.

The Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer is a powerful bed bug spray designed to take on even the most difficult pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and eggs. You can spray it with confidence indoors, either as a home remedy for bed bugs that you have detected or as a preventative measure in places where they may be lurking.

Let’s have a detailed view of this product.


Active Ingredients

Most bed bug sprays are made with potent insecticides, such as pyrethroids, to secure victory in a bed bug infestation. However, certain bed bugs have recently shown signs of resistance to pyrethroids. Hence, we recommend that you use a bed bug spray that contains only pyrethrin or that has pyrethroid as the active ingredient in the formulation.

Furthermore, if you do not feel at ease using chemical-based bed bug sprays in your residence or around your household, several natural bed bug sprays are available. This treatment employs essential oils such as geranium oil or clove oil to kill and repel bed bugs. However, it should be noted that a bed bug invasion can be extremely difficult to combat without insecticides.

The Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer is formulated with 0.25 percent Bifenthrin, 0.050 percent Imidacloprid, and 0.45 percent Piperonyl Butoxide, making it a highly effective bed bug treatment. Thus, it is very efficient against bed bugs that have developed pyrethroid resistance.


Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer


Where to Use

Many different surfaces can be treated with bed bug sprays, which is convenient. If you have a specific application in mind, on the other hand, you should hunt for the most appropriate composition and applicator for the job.

In addition to indoor surfaces, the Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer can be used around baseboards, pantry doors, headboards, floorboards, and walls, as well as the mattress, the bed frame, box spring, and any other joint, along with and underneath carpet edges, behind pictures/wall hangings, luggage, and floors/floor coverings.

On the other hand, we recommend against applying the Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer on bed linens or other surfaces that will directly contact users of the bed. Moreover, this spray should not be used on plush toys, people, or animals, as a surface spray for large areas or commercial purposes.



The most effective bed bug sprays are often designed to eliminate bed bugs during their whole life cycle.  If other insects are infiltrating your home, you might want to choose a spray that is effective against other kinds of pests, such as ticks, spiders, fleas, and cockroaches, all at the same time.

The Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer is a powerful bed bug, flea, and tick killer. The 1.5 gallons of fast-acting formula will destroy bed bugs as soon as they come into touch with it. Since it also destroys the eggs, you can apply it directly on the nests or into any other nooks or cracks where the insects may be hiding. It is effective against even the most difficult and pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs.

Lice, ants, beetles, cockroaches, sap, and spiders are among the other listed insects that can be destroyed with this spray.


Lasting Effect

When experiencing a bed bug outbreak, it may be smart to get a spray to prevent the onset of future bed insect infestations.

While the Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer produces a residue that lasts for up to two weeks on the carpet and comparable textures, the residue may not last as long on hard floors or other surfaces. If you’ve spotted bed bugs on your wood floors, you may want to use this solution a couple of times per week to eliminate them.


Odor and Stain

If you have kids and pets, make sure to use a bed bug spray that does not have an unpleasant stench. A spray is made up of various substances, and it may irritate your eyes. Choosing a bed bug spray with a strong scent is not recommended if your nose is hypersensitive to fragrances.

Aside from that, some bed bug sprays have been known to leave stains, which is absolutely not what you want. As a result, take this issue into account as well.

The Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer’s formula is colorless and non-staining, so you can apply it without fear of staining the surfaces. Additionally, the solution is odorless, which is a huge advantage when using it in your house or other enclosed environments.


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The Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer comes with a battery-powered spray wand that allows it to penetrate the nooks and cracks where bed bugs hide and kill them. The spray wand also makes it quicker and easier to treat the entire area completely. The more uncomplicated the activity, the more likely you will commit to doing it with care and thoroughness.



Although the Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer may not be the ideal solution for families with children, it should be effective if used according to the manufacturer’s directions. This spray may potentially be harmful to pets as well. Even though many of the reviewers claim to have pets, several stated that they do not apply the spray near the areas where their pets sleep or eat.


Cost and Guarantee

The Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer, which costs less than $20, is an excellent value. If you use caution when spraying the product, the half-gallon jar should be sufficient to cover the entire home, and the product should be effective in eliminating bed bugs and their eggs.

Furthermore, if a customer is dissatisfied with this product for any cause, they may return it to Ortho with proof of purchase to receive a full refund of the original cost.



The Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer is a smart choice when battling a bed bug infestation because of its reasonable pricing. This product also deters ticks and fleas. The powerful formula is also effective against bed bugs that are resistant to pyrethroids. It has a rapid onset of action, is stainless, and odorless. This spray is safe to use on beds, luggage, and other furniture.

You can learn more about other excellent bed bug sprays as well as how to choose the ideal spray for you by reading our comprehensive buying guide.


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