Tomcat Rat Snap Trap Reviewed: One of The Best Rat Trap for Home Use

Tomcat Rat Snap Trap Review

Rat traps are a convenient way of caring for rodent infestation problems that may plague your houses. These traps are easy to use, safe, and secure. These are better than using poison, bait, and electric traps. Snap traps work with efficiency, and it has a high success rate.

There are many rat traps on the market. Not all of which are suitable for the title of the best rat trap. Some of the traps are just pure false advertisement and full of superficial claims. Snap traps for rats are not immune to this problem.

The best snap trap for killing rats is the Tomcat Rat Snap Trap. According to the customers who have preferred it over baits and poisons, it is one of the best. Their recommendations are based on the features of the Tomcat Rat Snap Trap. We will look into the feature of this piece here.


The Features of Tomcat Rat Snap Trap

Snap traps are better than poison and baits because it is safer to keep around. There is no chance of your kids or pets being exposed to the harmful poison and the chemical of the rat trap bait. The snap traps are better in this regard.

As we have said, the Tomcat Rat Snap Trap is one of the best snap traps for rats on the market. Here we will look at the Tomcat Rat Snap Trap’s features and help you decide if you want it or not.



Traditionally, snap traps have been used because they are less complicated than other traps, such as the spring and hook. A locking bar is used to kill or trap a single rat, and it is locked in place with a tiny staple. A rat comes to grab the bait after you have placed it on the ground, and this disturbs the staple. As a result, the locking bar is no longer locked. This permits the locking bars to fall, killing or trapping the rat due to the action. When a rat is trapped in a cage trap, the snap spring mechanism is the same as when the rat is killed. When the rat enters and touches the bait, the door is closed by a spring-loaded latch mechanism.

This is why the snap trap needs to be very durable, and the construction material needs to withstand the force of the spring-loaded latch.

Tomcat Rat Snap Trap is made with high-impact plastic that can withstand the forces of the latch falling over and over again. This will last you a longer use time and will help you take care of the rat infestation with ease and grace.

The Tomcat Rat Snap Trap can also work for mice, chipmunks, squirrels, and other rodents that find your home a safe place to live and breed. This is why people have recommended this snap trap.

Tomcat Rat Snap Trap Review


Ease of Use

The most appealing feature of the TomCat rat trap is how simple it is to use. Fill the bait cup that fits into the bottom of the trap with enough bait to lure the animal into the trap. Just like that, the problem is solved. With a simple twisting action, it may be readily removed and reinstalled. Fill the bait cup with popular household foods such as peanut butter, chocolate, or dried fruit to attract the attention of the trapper. Once the bait cup has been placed within the trap, either press the back of the trap or set the trap down and walk on it to lift the front half of the trap off the ground. When you’re putting up the trap, keep an ear out for a clicking sound. This click will notify you that the installation process is complete. You will be able to see when a rat has been captured due to the trap’s design, so be sure to set the traps in locations where you will be able to monitor them on a daily basis. You’ll need to properly dispose of the rat in the garbage after you’ve captured it by pinching the rear of the trap — the same location that you pushed to open and set the trap in the first place.

It is the easiest and safest method of using a rat trap, without the safety concern and without exposing yourself and your family to harmful chemicals.



One of the best features you should look for in any rat killing method is using the tool more than once. Bait, poison can not be reused after once using it. Rat traps are a different case.

Because it is made of high-impact plastic and rust-resistant alloys, this TomCat trap is designed to survive for several usages over time. You may reuse the trap by successfully disposing of the entrapped rat, disconnecting its top and bottom components, cleaning and disinfecting the trap, then reconnecting the pieces so that they can be set again. In most cases, the trap is tiny enough to be put under furniture or near walls, or even outside the house.


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The design of this trap incorporates high-impact plastic and interlocking jaws, which allow it to snap down forcefully on any rat that is enticed in with the bait. In an ideal situation, every rat that comes into contact with the trap will be killed instantaneously by the collision.

In some cases, depending on where the rat is when it enters the trap and how quickly it moves, the trap may close and keep the rat from moving while also failing to kill it.

This is why the Tomcat rat snap trap is so effective in killing the rat, chipmunk, mice, squirrel, and other rodents that may be in the house.


Success Rate

The TomCat trap has a lot of fans who swear by its efficiency. It’s difficult to misuse a trap like this since it’s so simple to put up. Rats are drawn to pleasant or odorous substances, so avoid using them in your food. As an alternative, you may also buy rat bait in stores or online that has been proved to attract rats using a particular chemical.

Some users say the trap doesn’t always kill on contact, despite the trap being successful against tiny and large rats. This should be taken into account while setting up a snap trap of any kind. The trap may be able to stop the rat from moving, but it may not be able to kill it, depending on where the rat enters and how quick it is. Unfortunately, this complicates the process of extracting and disposing of the rat.

It is, nevertheless, common for the trap to snap forcefully enough to catch and kill the rat.


Easy to Dispose

With other methods of killing rats exposed to the chemicals and poison, a snap trap doesn’t let you expose yourself to any harmful chemicals. It is safer.

You can remove the trap’s top and bottom halves to clean it. To guarantee that you don’t come into touch with the rat or anything left behind, we recommend using gloves for both the trap’s disposal and cleaning.


Final Words

The Tomcat Snap Trap is one of the best rat traps in the market because of the convenience of killing rats. It comes in a 4 piece set. And the price is affordable. If you can get a good bait, we can assure you that you will be rid of the rodent problem in no time based on the customers’ recommendations. Buy, now!


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